Five Things Friday: Eating out and staying healthy

I’m bringing back the five things Friday because it was something I enjoyed but kind of got away from in the past.  This Friday I’m talking about all the places I don’t mind eating out without completely blowing my healthy caloric intake.  Sometimes I do indulge but for the most part I’m trying to stay with what makes me comfortable.  When I’m on a road trip or just out and I need to eat on the go these are some places I really enjoy. Subway.  This isn’t a secret.  When I’m on the road and there’s nothing I comfortable with… View Post

Sabine Causeway 5K

Last night I went running with my friends! I almost missed this race because I was scheduled to go to Gulf Shores to be with my bestie. I hate that I’m missing out on the fun, BUT something serious came up that kind of made me stay in town. Running this race was a good alternative for not sitting by the pool right now. I love running races at home because you know everyone and the environment is just fun and friendly. Everyone is so supportive and it’s just a great time! Here is my race video: Much better than… View Post

Our open letter to Subway:

Dear Subway: We love you Subway because you allow me to eat fresh on the go! You’re our go-to meal when we travel the roads because we still need to be healthy when we’re away from my home. Subway has been a huge part of our weight loss success and we will own up to that. We may not be Jared, but we have our own weight loss story which Subway helped us along the way too. (May I mention that we love that most Subways are open late too! Angela recently got herself into a pickle while traveling, but… View Post