Our open letter to Subway:

Dear Subway:

We love you Subway because you allow me to eat fresh on the go! You’re our go-to meal when we travel the roads because we still need to be healthy when we’re away from my home. Subway has been a huge part of our weight loss success and we will own up to that. We may not be Jared, but we have our own weight loss story which Subway helped us along the way too. (May I mention that we love that most Subways are open late too! Angela recently got herself into a pickle while traveling, but Subway saved the day!) Needless to say, we keep Subway in business especially on vacation or on those tedious business trips. There are times when we will eat Subway three times a day when we’re away because it usually is the best option.

But Subway, I have a bone to pick with you! We are not sandwich eater; we use to be but we’ve given up my relationship with bread to cut back on the calories just a tiny bit. My e-mail is constantly flooded with deals on sandwiches and the featured $5 footlong for the month. It’s kind of upsetting there is never a special deal on salads. Why not have featured salads of the month?

It’s great that the bacon, egg and cheese flat bread is the $5 footlong this month, but we wouldn’t and couldn’t eat that on my new lifestyle change! There are the deals about the buy one get one free before 9am, but that doesn’t include salads. Why is that Subway?

We are a loyal customer but I just don’t eat your sandwiches but we will tear up a salad! Why can’t we have a buy one get one half off deal on salads? Or what about something to just feature the salad? We are begging you to come up something because we love to eat there. Is this going to stop us from eating at Subway? No way, but we would like you to consider doing something for your salad loving customers!

We have tried going in to order the $5 footlong special (when it was one of the fit sandwiches) and asking if they could put the fixings in the bowl and put the bread on the side, but it doesn’t work. It’s a salad, not a sandwich. Yes, we were going to throw the bread away! That’s wasting food while there are people starving across the world. Plus that would be a waste of time for your loyal Subway representatives. They worked hard to prep and prepare for something that we would throw away because we forced to buy it to save a little bit of money.

All in all, it would be nice if a salad could catch a break and maybe get a deal too! Not everyone goes there for a sandwich (salads and pizza-wish we could eat- are on the menu too), even though it’s your signature item. So let’s give the non-bread eating people a break and cut us a salad deal…PLEASE!

Thank you for your contribution to our healthier lifestyle. We will always love you!


Angela & Willie