Race Recap: Horse Capital Marathon

Running the Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Marathon was a biggie for me.  This is the race that finally got me qualified for the 50 States Marathon Club. I decided at the last minute that it was doable and I asked around to see if anyone would want to go…and bam someone wanted to go.  The dream became a reality and we road tripped to Kentucky. We stopped in Memphis on the way there which was about 8 hours in but I wanted to stop to show Lauren where I attended college.  No pictures of Ole Miss, which we probably should… View Post

I’m Strutter of the Year!

It was a busy weekend! I planned to post on Friday but I decided to volunteer my time for the race instead. I hope you guys understand! I didn’t get a chance to help out a ton this year so I wanted to do my part to help out. On Friday night, we had our annual running group pasta party! A lot of people showed up this year which made me happy. We got there early to order off the menu before the masses arrived. So glad we did that because a bunch of folks were there to enjoy the… View Post

Race Recap: The Little Rock Marathon – one EPIC race

There are lots of races I get for free or get a discount code for, this was not one of those races. It was worth every penny I paid for it (and it wasn’t that expensive) because of the perks that came along with it. The race directors were amazing and their staff/volunteers just the same! This was one EPIC event! Jes and I early started! She’s a 6 hour marathoner and she thought she needed to extra buffer. I needed to take it slow so I could run the Gusher close to 4:35-4:50 this Saturday. I also needed it… View Post

Race Recap: The Biggest Loser Run/Walk Series – Mobile, AL

I’m a racing fool!  I like the energy and it keeps me motivated to run!  Sometimes I can just go out there and do it and other times I need people screaming at me to keep going.  It’s what works for me.  The Biggest Loser Run Walk series is going across the country for these events.  Originally we were supposed to do the one in Beaumont but it was moved to May during the time we couldn’t do the race.  Race organizers were nice enough to let us transfer our registrations to another race so of course we chose Mobile… View Post

Race recap: RnR New Orleans Marathon

This race kind of came in under the radar due to Willie being sick!  To be honest, I felt really horrible for even still wanting to go after Willie had his surgery but he encouraged me to go.  I originally signed up for the race to do the half because I just ran a marathon, but I caved to running peer pressure and ran the marathon! Two marathons, two weeks means I can now be a marathon maniac. Please forgive me because this post might be long because I have a lot of things to share! First off, it was… View Post