How important is a routine?

Do you have a routine? And how important is that routine to you?

I’ve been pondering the thought of my daily routine because I’m still trying to fight getting back into my old routine. There are several good things about routines like knowing exactly what what you’re going to do every day. But routines can lead to life being bland or too boring.

I like knowing that on certain days, I’m going to do a certain workout. I like not having to worry about changing that structure. I sometimes like knowing on certain nights we are going to eat certain meals because that is what we are use to do. (Every monrning we eat the same thing and every night of the week is pretty much planned out. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are pretty much the same. That’s why taking pictures of my food wouldn’t be interesting to you.)

I don’t like how routines can put me in a rut. There are times, like now, that I’m longing for change and a little bit of spontaneity. I sometimes find myself wanting to break a routine and try something new. But when I feel like this, I’m at a loss at what to do because I’ve settled into a routine.

That’s where I am now…

I’m finding it hard to develop a new routine.

I have bigger goals and dreams that I need to achieve and I need to take the steps to get there, but I’m finding it hard to step out of an old routine and get into a new routine!

I couldn’t come this far in my lifestyle change without a routine so I know it’s important to develop a routine. I need to the structured schedule to stay on track and focused. I know that was a huge part of my weight loss success.

Do you have a routine? How important is a routine for you? Do you find it hard to break out from the routine?