Things you might need for F1 United States Grand Prix in Austin, TX

Formula 1 just finished an exciting race in Singapore, so we’re all ready for the United States Grand Prix in Austin in October. I will be attending the F1 race at COTA for the third time this year, and I want to help all the first-timers out as much as possible. I will link previous posts and videos at the end of this post. This week, I will focus on things you might need for the upcoming grand prix in Austin. (All links are Amazon affiliate links.)

Things you need for general admission at F1 in Austin, TX.

First off, let’s talk weather. The weather is mild for Texas, usually in the mid to upper 80s. Comfortably dress because it can get hot in the middle of the day. Last year, it was extremely windy, and a lot of dirt was blown around. It was borderline uncomfortable in the mornings. That is why I recommend buying a BUFF or some other neck gaiter. It will come in handy to wipe off sweat, clean your sunglasses, and keep the dirt out of your mouth and nose.

If you are sitting in general admission, you must bring your seat. Most people use foldable chairs, and others bring lightweight camping chairs. The lightweight camping chairs are smaller and easier to carry but get blown away when not sitting in them. Bring something to weigh down your chair when you get up to check things out. We prefer to sit in our folding chair with a canopy because we sit there all day. The sun can get brutal in those in-between times, and it’s nice to have the shade. 

Many people also choose to sit on stools. The collapsible seats are suitable for people traveling from out of town because they only take up a little space. The choice is up to you and how much you are willing to carry around the circuit. People also used blankets to lay down on when nothing was happening on track or to create extra space. Yes, there are lots of people napping before all the action starts, which makes sense because the days are long.

Bring a backup phone charger. The cell phone signal is horrible at the circuit, and you won’t be able to use it during the race. But many vendors out there accept Apple Pay, and last year, the circuit had a deal with Cash App to give you money back on your purchases, so it’s essential to have your phone handy. There are some charging stations around the track, but many people will try to use them.

Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day. Water stations are providing free water. Check the map to make sure you know the water station locations. Ice is hard to come by on the circuit, so ensure you have a water bottle to keep your ice cold longer. COTA rules say no metal water bottles, but this is my third year, and people have brought their good water bottles. I will bring a good bottle this year!

Bring a hat and wear sunscreen. Hats are the best way to support your team and keep you shielded from the sun. Pro tip: buy your merchandise online before the race and save money. Remember to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day. Also, bring a waist bag (fanny pack) to keep your hands free, and get a small pack of wet wipes. Sometimes, those napkins are hard to find.  

All these things are linked on my Amazon Storefront. What other things might you need for a great Formula 1 weekend in Austin? 

Remember to get your shuttle tickets now before they sell out. The shuttle is the best way to get to COTA on race day.

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