Baby vs. the blog and the baby shower

I’m horrible with change.  It’s really something I hate to admit.  I require structure and boundaries.  I’m finding it difficult to blog for many reasons.  Obviously, I’m going through some serious life changes and I’m really trying to get my stuff together. I am really trying to crowd my blog with baby related things, but the truth is: that is the only thing on my mind. The point is if I’m going to keep blogging on the regular some things are going to have to change and it’s time for me to admit the truth.  Things are different and I’m… View Post

Transform your thinking to be grateful

My blogging schedule has been interuptted by the Olympics. I love the Olympics so hard that I spend all my free time watching it.  Diving, archery, rowing, fencing, volleyball (surprisingly), gymnastics and weightlifting have been occupying my time.  I’m sorry for all the delays.  This post should have been up yesterday.  Now back to blogging. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes spend so much dwelling on the things I haven’t done or don’t have.  It can really set your mind back and it lessens the accomplishments that I have achieved.  I blogged about how pregnancy messed with weight… View Post

Notes from a birthday weekend

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and all the congratulations on my big secret.  I had a wonderful weekend thanks to my husband.  It’s probably the best birthday I’ve ever had.  I know that’s a big statement but it true. Willie took me to the Astros baseball game. It was a great game. The roof was closed and we had awesome seats. I had a really fun time. I’m kind of ruined now with baseball games now because now we’re always going to need to sit in those seats. The Astros lost the game, but they put up a… View Post

Celebrating my 34th birthday

It’s my 34th birthday! How did I start off my birthday?  By teaching my cycle class, of course.  It’s the best way to start off the day. I’m still debating if I will partake in some birthday cake.  I know it’s a special day, but I’m still not sure. This was my birthday cake from a few years back and it was so yummy.  I’m easily tempted but I don’t always give in. Anywho, today is my birthday!Wow the years are rolling by and so many things have changed.  I was never one of those people who made a list… View Post

Celebrate everything

I’ve been working on things around the site. You may have noticed some changes. I’m going for a new look. There have been a couple of bugs but I think things are finally smoothing over. I am excited for a new start on an old thing. I want to talk about celebration. Everyone should stop right now and just stop to celebrate something about yourself. Big, little, tiny, miniscule…whatever it is, it’s worthy of celebration. I hear so many things in life. “Well I only ran 2 miles.” “I was only able to do the stairmaster for 12 minutes.” “I… View Post