Twist on an broccoli slaw recipe

I’ve been completely OBSESSED with eggs lately so I’ve been trying new ways to incorporate them in my diet, specifically my snacks. I’ve been craving cole slaw lately for some reason. I don’t post a lot of recipes on the blog because I’m not really cook. I make quick meals but I don’t spend a lot of time making stuff in the kitchen. It’s really practical stuff. That’s why I’m sharing with you the broccoli slaw recipe I’ve been snacking on for a week. Quick and easy and good for you. Egg and ham broccoli slaw Recipe Type: Side dish/snack… View Post

July 4th was a bust but I didn’t let it get me down

I wish I could say my July 4th was the best day, but it wasn’t.  I had to deal with some serious issues and that kind of brought me back to a place I haven’t been in years.  Sometimes I feel like you can’t escape the past and it’s sometimes hard to move on to a better place because people always remember you as the person you once were.  I won’t lie about how I was back then.  I was unhappy, miserable and just in an overall bad place.  Everything bothered me, therefore I ate my feelings.  That means I… View Post