Episode #3: Are you showing up for yourself?

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Episode #3: Are you showing up for yourself?

From the kitchen table:


Topic of the week:  Are you showing up for yourself?

Life does get busy and there are times when things just get in the way.  It’s always hard to put yourself first without feeling selfish. But does that stop you from showing up for yourself?

  • What does showing up for yourself mean to you?
  • Do you ever feel bad about showing up for yourself?
  • What are some things that stop you from showing up for yourself?

Tips for showing up for yourself

Showing some gratitude:

  • What is one thing you are grateful this week?


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Video this week: drink more water, get motivated …

Video this week: drink more water, get motivated and a road trip

Happy Thursday everyone!  I didn’t do any meal prep this week because it was all up to Willie so I don’t have a food video for you this week.  I’ve been working really hard on these videos and it’s a learning process.  It’s something I feel is adding more to the blog. Here are the videos this week: Drink more water…and add some flava! Keep your fitness appointment because it’s just as important as anything else in your life. Watch and get motivated! And my weekend road trip to Mississippi/Alabama by myself. Boo! Have you tried a water enhancer? Did… View Post

Keep your fitness appointment

Keep your fitness appointment

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I went to visit my best friends to celebrate a very special birthday.  I hadn’t seen them in forever so it was so great.  Sadly, I didn’t get many pictures but I got a few. The key to life is to surround yourself with good people.  I think I’m winning in this department, finally. I did video…but it’s not ready yet.  The weekend video will be up on Wednesday.  Today’s video is about motivation and keeping your fitness appointments. This morning Willie and I went to the gym.  I did a… View Post

Motivation Monday to get back on track

Motivation Monday to get back on track

It’s Monday and all the blogs I read do motivation Monday. I don’t really do that because everyone else is doing it. Today, I needed a little motivation. I’ve been off track. I haven’t felt like myself and I know I haven’t been holding myself accountable. I’ve been stuck in a rut because I’ve been resting for the marathon and then I ran another marathon two weeks later. It’s really left me feeling weird because I’ve been in a constant taper. My working out was limited…and I felt the need to carbo load. In New Orelans all I ate the… View Post

The incident of accountability

The incident of accountability

Willie and I both talk about accountability being a reason why our weight loss journey was successful. We do hold each other accountable to keep each other in check. Accountability partners are great because they keep you moving in the right direction, but it’s all fun and games until you actually have to hold the other person accountable. There was an incident of accountability with running going on in our house. Willie and I are both training for St. Jude Children’s Marathon weekend. I’m running the full marathon and he’s running the half marathon. I printed out the training plans… View Post