Your WHAT and WHY. Happy New Year, 2021!

I wanted to pop in to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I spent most of the week off from working out and trying to regroup.  My first official act of 2021 was a run/walk in the cold.  I needed to get out of the house and move my body. Attitude is everything, and I needed something positive to start off the new year.


I know there are many expectations during this time to set goals, get healthy, and map a plan for the next 365 days of the year. I’m all for that, and later on this week, I will share some of the goals I have for myself.

But the thing is: you don’t have to share those things with others. Or you don’t even have to have all of those things worked out at this moment. Some people don’t think about setting goals or plans until the last minute, and then there are the people, like me, who spend months thinking about big projects and the ways to put them into action.

There’s no right or wrong way to approach the new year. Do you, and don’t explain yourself to anyone.

The only thing I DO ask of you is to figure out what is important to you and how you make those things a priority over the next 365 days. Everyone’s what and why are different, so it’s essential to figure out what is important to you and WHY it’s important. Write those things down so that you can look back on WHAT and WHY to give you motivation when things get tough throughout the year. Your WHAT and WHY may change over time, so it’s essential to have those mileposts written down somewhere.

Last year was not what anyone expected, but there was growth in all of us. We learned to adapt to change, survive in a suffering economy, and find joy in the things and people in our lives. In some way, we all became minimalist. Take those lessons and feelings into the new year and make 2021 more powerful than the last.

I believe you are capable and strong. But most importantly, I know you are capable of achieving the things you want in life by putting in the work and taking a chance.

I hope everyone has a great start to the year! Determine your WHAT and WHY and let’s do this.

Let’s start the new year with compassion and positivity. If you feel comfortable sharing your what and why in the comments, I would love to read your responses. Otherwise, let’s share some positivity with a quote or just a simple “Happy New Year!”