Preparing for Christmas

I missed blogging yesterday because I was just too tired. From Tiny Tot’s birthday and now planning for Christmas, I kind of screwed the pooch on the blogging thing. I did have a very productive day yesterday which has eased up on my Sunday a bit.


Normally I would tell you about the meal prep I would be doing this week, but that’s isn’t going to happen today. I can’t fit any more food in my fridge. My fridge is packed to the brim with things for Christmas dinner and some essentials we need to last until then. It’s been eating out and/or eating out of the freezer.

It’s definitely not going to be the healthiest meal I’ve ever made, but the food will be good. It should be an interesting experience to try to get it all done. At Thanksgiving, I made cornbread dressing for the first time and I’ll be making it again for Christmas. The dressing came out good, but there are a few things I wanted to change in the recipe so I’ll see how it turns out this time around.

You might be wondering what’s on my Christmas menu, so here it is:

Honey baked spiral ham
Pork roast
Baked salmon
Cornbread dressing
Broccoli salad (Did you see my blog the other day?)
Macaroni and cheese
Potato salad
Fruit salad
Honey butter biscuits


It’s a lot of food, but I’m feeding a bunch of people. I did my shopping yesterday. I did grocery pick-up because I heard the store was insane. That’s my life hack. I enjoy going to the grocery store, but sometimes it’s just easier to pick it up. My fridge is overly full because I purchased a lot of stuff I didn’t need to buy. I’m just used to buying some stuff every week and I didn’t necessarily need to buy it this week. For example, we have an overabundance of almond milk and egg whites.

This weeks workouts
Enough about food. Let’s talk about what I was going to blog about yesterday. My workouts this past week. I don’t post my workouts all the time, but I still working out. I just thought the post because monotonous.  Some people find those posts motivation, so I do try to keep the posts in rotation.

Sunday: 20 minutes of running for 1.76 miles.

Monday: I didn’t wake up in time for Group Power because I didn’t get steady sleep the night before.  I’m still on my run/walk streak so I went out for one mile and then did a Tone It Up strength workout.  This was my lightest workout day of the week.

Tuesday: Peleton app Run/Walk class for 30 minutes for 2.22 miles.  Taught my 45 min cycle class. Later that even, a 2 mile run at the running store social run and I won a free pair of shoes.

Wednesday:  Peleton Run HIIT class for 30 minutes for 2.02 miles and then 45 minutes of Group Power strength training. Later on that evening, a 1.8-mile walk with the run group to see the Christmas lights.

Thursday:  30 minutes of run/walking on the treadmill for 2.16 miles and then taught 50 min Group Ride cycle class.

Friday:  37 minutes of running on the treadmill for 3.05 miles and then 45 minutes of Group Power strength training.

Saturday: 25 minutes of Run HIIT workout for 2.08 miles.

My goal this week was to get my strength training in the for the week.  Secondly, I wanted to ease back into running since I haven’t really run since the marathon.  I’ve been doing these short workouts instead of the “longer” runs.  I do miss the miles, but I think the workouts have been extremely helpful.

I have two questions today:

Do you ever over buy your groceries?


What are you eating for Christmas?