Holiday indulgence gulit

Holiday indulgence guilt comes full force this time year, but I don’t want anyone to feel down about wanting to enjoy it.  The holidays bring cooler weather, gingerbread lattes, parties, alcoholic drinks, cakes, and pies.  I don’t want anyone feeling like they can’t have any of these things.

My weakness has been the holiday flavors of coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Enjoy all the holiday goodness because it’s about living a lifestyle.  No one’s lifestyle should ONLY include chicken breast, broccoli, and basic rice.  I understand there are times for this type of daily living like during a training cycle or something similar.  But no one should be afraid to stray from there path to indulge in something that you want.

I am a firm believer if you deny yourself of the things you want, you will binge on them later.  Don’t binge.  Enjoy what you want in MODERATION.  An important component of weight loss is finding the balance in your diet and being able to trust yourself in situations where things are out of the “normal.”

NEWS FLASH: You don’t need to work out extra hard to burn off those extra calories. Don’t beat yourself up because you ate that pie or drank that holiday drink.  I am just asking you to stick with your normal routine of working out and eating better 80% of the time.  Those holiday calories aren’t going to break you if you’re still living and not over indulging.

Eat the cookie, just don’t eat the whole tray of cookies.

Don’t fall into the trap of feeling guilty.  Stay on track with your exercise and eat your healthy foods your other meals.  No one should be guilty about enjoying a holiday that comes around once a year.  Don’t fall in the holiday indulgence guilt.

What is your favorite holiday treat?