Do you love yourself?

Happy Valentine’s Day!  It’s a day of love.  It’s a day to share your love for other people but I don’t want you to forget yourself.  We always talk about the people we love, the things we love to do, and many more things.

Valentine’s Day
I hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed the love. I spent the day working and hanging out with my precious little girl. I definitely felt the love all day long. It’s a nice feeling to have, but it also got me thinking about something else.

But how many times do we talk about the things we love about ourselves?  I know I don’t do it often enough.

Last year, I struggled with a lot of things.  Emotionally it was a hard year for me and post-partum depression hit me hard.  I often felt like I wasn’t enough.  I had feelings of no one really caring about what me or what I did.  It also didn’t help that when I reached out for help or comfort, some people just flat out ignored my need.  I didn’t think too much of myself.  I was suffering along with dealing with some of the greatest changes in my life.

No one needs to feel this way for any reason.


You are enough.  You are amazing.  You are loved. You know how I know this? Because these are the things you feel about yourself and shouldn’t need or take the validation from outside sources.

When you feel like no one else loves you, it’s not true because you love yourself. When you feel like no one is hearing you, it’s not true because you know and trust yourself.

Just remember to think about yourself when you are spreading the love.  You cannot love someone or something else until you have learned to love yourself.  It’s important to take care of yourself.  It’s important to put yourself first.  It’s not self fish, it’s necessary.  No one should ever get to the point where they feel worthless or insignificant.

In the spirit of the post, I will share what I love about myself.  I love how determined I am.  I will keep pushing and try to succeed at the things I want.  I love that I have a big heart and when I open my heart, I do really give all that I have.  I love that even when I fail, I can always find the lesson.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

What do you love about yourself?