Five Things Friday: Reasons you’ll enjoy indoor cycle

When I tell people I teach indoor cycle, most people tell me they aren’t ready for that class. “People come out of there really sweaty,” is the usual response. “It just seems so intense.”

I hate the break it to you but yes it’s an intense exercise and all fitness activities make you sweat. I don’t think anyone should be intimidated by attending an indoor cycle/spinning class. It’s a great way to get the blood pumping and torch some calories as time literally flies by.


It’s time for me to share the five reasons I think you’ll enjoy an indoor cycle class:

1. It’s your ride. No one is there making you turn that gear up. The instructor is there to make sure you’re using proper technique and to motivate you through the workout. We are not going around trying to class shame you at all. We want you to succeed and be active. When I say it’s your ride, I mean you are the person who is controlling the gear. You are going to decide how hard you’re going to push or not push. Some days may be harder/easier than others but that is for you to gauge.

2. It’s a pumping class. The music is going to have a beat and it’s going to get you fired up. Think of it as a party on a stationary bike. If you go with a group of friends, it will really seem like a party. Good music goes a long way!

3. It will make you sweat. Indoor cycle is a great way to burn a lot of calories in a 45-60 minute session. It is possible to burn 500+ calories in one sitting. That’s some good cardio!

4. It’s an activity that you can grow it. I love teaching cycle because I consistently watch people grow and change. It’s really a class where you can watch your strength and endurance change over time. If you’re new to the class, you’re gears are going to be lighter and with time those gears will go up in resistance. Or you might notice that you’re able to spin faster or longer. It’s just a great exercise to watch your growth.

5. You’ll feel like a superstar when you’re done. With any workout when it’s over you’re going to feel accomplished so this isn’t so targeted toward cycle. But when you get off the bike and you’re dripping with sweat, you can appreciate a great group workout and that should leave you feeling great.

I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated by this class. If you’ve never been, give it a try. You will definitely not regret it if you truly give it a chance.

Have you ever gone to an indoor cycle/spinning class? How did you like it? What are more reasons to try indoor cycle that I didn’t mention here?