Five things on this Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  I’ve been waiting for this day all week because I knew it would be a rest day for me.  I told myself that if I put in the work during the week, I could take today off from working out.  I was looking forward to sleeping in, but I still managed to wake up at 5:20am.  I got an extra hour of sleep so I’ll take that as a win.


1. I took it to the couch this morning to watch some Real Housewives of New York City and Married at First Sight.  I do love my reality shows. I have to say I took advantage of some of my rest day.  But now I’m itching to do something.  I think I’m going to continue my spring cleaning.


2. This week has been a good week.  I’ve gotten back into a routine a little bit.  I did my strength training twice this week, did some core workouts and did some running in some very humid weather.  Hey, I even did some yard work.  That was probably a highlight of the week!


3. I went out to sushi this week.  I’m really cautious about eating sushi because the calories WILL add up very quickly.  I’m not really counting calories but I’m also not trying to blow my food eating out of the water.  I do like eating it but my only problem is I don’t always feel like I’ve eaten enough when I eat it.  Plus, sushi is kind of expensive.  But there are some local places doing some amazing sushi deals so I’m taking part in the festivities.  I’m just always sure to have a salad included in my meal.  That’s really the only way to go.

Scored the exact running shorts I was looking for at JC Penny for half the price. #runchat #fitfluential #instarunners #instarun

4. I’ve been on the search for some good running shorts. Specifically, I need long shorts to make me feel comfortable.  I’ve been searching and searching but I really needed to try them on before buying them.  I went to Academy and found something similar to what I wanted but not exactly.  The shorts were on sale for $25 but something told me not to buy them.  I mulled over it but I decided to leave without purchasing them.  Yesterday, I headed to JC Penny on a whim and found the exact type of shorts I was looking for for half the price.  I was able to buy two pairs for the price of one pair I was going to buy.  Plus, there’s a little pocket in the back.

The weather is getting warmer and the humidity is really kicking.  I’ll be talking about my warmer weather running and hydration next week.

5. Lastly, I’m really proud of Willie.  He’s been fighting a bit of weight gain because he focused more on lifting and less on his cardio life.  He’s been very open about it on his blog.  He did a weigh in yesterday and lost 6 pounds!  I’m really proud of him for tackling the issue head on and REALLY putting in the work.  He gets up for the gym at 3:45am most mornings.  He’s been doing his double workouts and really watching his food.  He’s doing amazing.  It’s just another example of putting your mind to something and seeing results.  It’s truly a great thing.

Marathon maniac

That’s my five things on this Friday!  So what’s up for the weekend?  I’m running a marathon tomorrow.  This is going to sound silly but I feel out of practice because it’s been a month since I’ve run a marathon.  But I’ve enjoyed the past month of being marathon free and running the half marathons.  I’m not really sure how I’m going to feel tomorrow and I have the option to drop down the half which I’ll decide before I start.  The weather isn’t going to be ideal.  If it’s raining, I don’t think I’m really going to take on a full 26.2 miles.  I’m not really interested in getting sick because I’m running a marathon for fun.

What are you doing this weekend?  What are five things worth mentioning from this week for you?

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