Sunday set up: meatballs, egg muffins, raw “cookie dough”

Happy Sunday!  That means it’s time for meal prepping in our house.  This week I’ve been feeling uninspired with the meals.  We didn’t even make a grocery list when we headed to the store.

It’s my job to deal with the lunch and Willie deals with the dinner.  Collectively we do breakfast and we each like different snacks so we do our own snacks.


Sunday setup

Overnight oats
Egg white muffins and overnight oats. We’ve been eating the same thing for breakfast everyday for almost two years. It’s quick and easy and we can take it with us if we need.


Meal prep for #lunch! This week it's #meatballs!l what's your Sunday set up? #mealprep #fitfluential #foodstagram
Sunday setup

Meatballs, broccoli and rice with sauce. I was feeling uninspired I tell you but I watched an episode of The Kitchen yesterday which was all about tomatoes.  They made sauce and I thought I should make some sauce.  This is the left over sauce we have so it will do double duty as dinner.

Before you ask, yes this is going to feed us both lunch for the entire week.  I try to make a large batch of something that will last the entire week so I don’t spend a lot of time prepping different meals.


Sunday setup

Like I said, I’m not really responsible for dinner.  But most of the time I end up throwing some protein over some lettuce and calling it a salad.  With this much sauce left over, I’m sure I’ll be using the veggetti to make some faux noodles.  But I always like to have some sweet potatoes on hand every week so I usually make a big pan of those.  I also made some black beans.

We’ll probably end up having a taco salad because we have lots of fresh salsa in the house too.  I have no pictures for that yet, because I’m waiting on Willie to decide what he’s going to cook up.


Sunday setup

I’m going simple this week. Yogurt, nuts and these raw “cookie dough” balls. I saw this on The Kitchen yesterday and really loved it. They were quick and easy to make. I made a couple of different variations of these because I don’t have coconut flakes and I didn’t want the chocolate chips. It’s supposed to be something like raw cookie dough. It’s super quick to make!


I’ll be having apples and/or bananas with peanut butter.  I stocked up on a lot of this stuff when we went to Trader Joe’s this weekend.  I got some almond butter and cashew butter. And probably some carrots and hummus for mid morning snack and a Luna Bar for an afternoon snack. Plus lots of water. We can’t forget about the water.

Did you do a Sunday set up?  What’s on your eats list this week?