My veggetti experience

Last week Jes and I purchased the veggetti.  I’d seen the veggetti before but I never remembered to pick it up when I was out.  We saw a commercial for it while we were eating dinner and immediately we went out to purchase one.

We got the #veggetti! I'm excited to try it! #healthy #healthyeats #beggies

It was a very exciting moment. I couldn’t wait to try it. So last night I tried it.

Using my #veggetti to make dinner tonight! I made sauce on Sunday, so we'll see how it goes!#healthy #dinner #veggies #fitfluential

The veggetti works very easily. Watch your fingers though at some points, but it’s nothing serious. I used zucchini and summer squash. It was on sale this week! It was fast and it left the veggies looking funny. I’m easily amused. You can choose between a thicker slice or a thinner slice too.


I blanched the squash in boiling water…for too long so it came out a little mushy.I also think it was too mushy because I used the thinner slice side of the veggetti. I will have to try again this evening with the thicker slicing and hopefully I’ll have a different outcome. It was just too watery even after I drained it. It might be better to even give it a little saute instead of a blanch.

The veggetti was easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

I think it’s a great product. It’s easy to use and is time saving. If you want to have the sauce without the noodle, this is a great visual way of making it happen. I prefer the veggies anyway.

I’m currently obsessed with making summer salads and I think this will be perfect. I can’t wait to mix up a salad to share with you guys.

I think this will be great with carrots and potatoes too. Jes suggested using an apple for something which kind of sparked my interested. I will definitely try lots of different things with the veggetti. I think everyone should get one!

The price of the veggetti is $14.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond or you can buy it online.