It’s our anniversary

Four years ago I married my best friend!  It was a very cold day in January but our hearts were filled with love and joy as we celebrated the day with family and friends.

Four years ago today I married my very best friend! We met by accident, stayed friends in impossible situations and finally took the plunge into the dating world 7 years into our friendship! Now I'm the happiest I've ever been in life! I am blessed to hav

Willie and I have been on an amazing journey together and I know we still have more to conquer out there in the world!  On our first anniversary our gift to each other was the commitment to prolonging our lives by changing our lifestyle.  Many people didn’t understand, many people criticized, many people doubted us BUT we pushed on TOGETHER to make our lives better.

Every year when our anniversary rolls around I think about the greatest gift we could ever give each other: love, accountability, team work and support.  I’ve said it many times we could have done it without each other but it was easier because we did it together.  This is something NO ONE can ever take away from us and in turn it strengthened our love, friendship and bond with each other.

I love Willie for many different reasons but there is one thing I would like to emphasize.  Willie allows me to follow every hope and dream I have without question.  Do you see how much I run? Do you see how much I do?  I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without his constant support.  He pushes me when I’m down, he makes me believe I can do anything and he never lets me give up no matter how hard I push back at him.

  • He puts up my constant need to remain ACTIVE! Gym time, running, bike rides, hiking, walking…whatever it is, he gets it.
  • He travels across the country for races
  • He waits patiently as I go through my neurotic race day behavior
  • He wakes up before the sun rises to make sure I’m there at the time I want to be there
  • He puts up with my incessant race talking
  • He knows I have high hopes of being an Ironman this year and he’s not going to let me give up on it
  • He knows that vacation will include a race and he’s happy to join along
  • He is just there all the time pushing me into the right direction

Willie is just a really great person and because of him my life is forever changed.  Willie was the one who wanted to start to lifestyle change journey and I just joined along.  For this I am thankful because he changed both of our lives in an instant.  I am truly lucky to share my life with him.

Happy Anniversary of all kinds Willie!  I hope you are proud of what you’ve started, how far you’ve come and how much more WE have to give to the world!  Thank you for being just that GREAT!

And while I’m talking about Willie, please go visit his blog, FueledXRunning! He has decided to share our story from his eyes. We both cook and are both active but we are a team in all sorts. I’m the more active focused one and he’s the more food oriented one. We see things the same but still so differently so I finally convinced him to share his words with the world. The sites will be very different but still share the snippets of our world. It’s more bang for your buck and I’m excited to embark on more adventures with him! So go check out his blog. It’s still a work in progress but has the potential for greatness!