Choosing your workout time

Early workoutMotivation is a huge part of working out! A couple of weeks ago, I found myself being motivated to change my workout. To be honest, I was mostly motivated due to having to teach 5am classes two days in a row which meant I wouldn’t be at the gym so much later in the evening.

I always tell my 5amers they are the troopers and the hard core fitness people because it takes a lot to wake up so early in the morning and do a serious workout. I’ve spent some time talking to the early rises and the evening work out people and what I found out wasn’t that surprising. The morning people preferred to work out in the morning because the workout would start the day and it was already out of the way. Many people said they felt move accomplished and ready for the day.

I felt like death warmed over the first day I ever tried to work out at 5am. The only thing on my mind was being up that early…and then I had to work out. It felt like I was being clubbed over and over again and I was beginning for that spin class to be over. But you know what? I kept going and eventually 5am wasn’t so bad and by 6 am, I had already done my workout for the day. I didn’t have to worry about fitting the workout into my schedule or I could try something different in the afternoon. The morning pain did ease over time and most days I do love working out that early.

Finally at the point: even the people who “love” to workout still struggle with fitting workouts into their schedule. You just have to find your reason that helps you push past your wall and just do it. My reason for getting up and working out in the morning is to have more time in the day that is sometimes filled with work or friends or even more working out. That’s another hour in the afternoon I could try a new group fitness class or focus on my running or spending time with family and friends. (FYI: I keep a very busy schedule.)

Willie always says that working out is just like making an appointment you can’t miss. Most people don’t miss appointments that are set up, so why should your workout be any different? Put it on your calendar and make sure you make it! Choose the time that is best for you and stick with it. Some people just can’t get up and work out in the morning, but it works for others.

If you do decide to work out in the morning be sure to wake up early enough to give you some time to hydrate and eat something small. Your body needs fuel and to get that you need to eat. Also, go in with a plan so you don’t end up wasting time. You woke up early for a reason so make the most of your time. And most importantly, eat when you finish your workout!