We just did our cardio at the airport

I have to say inflight wifi is probably one of the best things ever. I am writing this post on the airplane. How freaking cool is that? What can I say? I’m easily amused.

Willie and I have been super excited to go to California (to run) and just to go on a vacation. Little did we know getting there was going to be such a problem. For some reason, our flight to Dallas was delayed which caused us to miss our connecting flight to San Diego. I have never missed a flight in my life. But that is where the cardio workout came in!

We had about 15 minutes to make the flight and we probably would have made it if the airline didn’t take so long to retrieve the bags from under the plane. (Our first plane didn’t have enough room in the overhead bins for carry on luggage so most carry ons had to be stored under the plane.) When Willie finally retrieved the bags we had about 10 mins to make the flight which was in another terminal. We hopped on the train to the next terminal and it was like we were running the fastest 5k of our lives after that. Up and down escalators, weaving through people at the airport but we still didn’t make the flight. We made it to the gate at 7:29pm and they just weren’t letting us on. It was a sad moment in our world!

The entire time I was running I was thinking three things:

1. I’m glad I’m not over weight anymore.
2. Sure am glad I’m a runner and Willie picked up the habit too.
3. At least I’m getting in a little workout today because I totally flaked on it this morning.

Not making the flight wasn’t a big deal to me because I knew we needed to eat. The past week I’ve been plotting where we would eat on our lay over at the airport, but things didn’t go according to the plan. It’s kind of ironic that our flight was in the ONLY terminal without a Subway or Blimpie. I was forced to think on my feet because our time was limited. We needed to get some food before getting on our current flight. We ate at a place called 360 Burrito. I chose this place because we could piece together what we wanted like Chipotle and it was fresh ingredients. I choose the veggie bowl and Willie had a steak bowl. This is the point where it would have been nice for you to be able to see what we ate, but we were so hungry at this point that we forgot to take a picture.

To make a long story short, we had to think fast on our feet today at the airport. I’m use to having a bowl of fruit or something after dinner so tonight I had a Kashi Crisp Bar and a banana that I shared with my husband. I must admit that Kashi bar wasn’t bad at all. I enjoyed it, but next time I won’t buy it at the airport. It was wicked expensive.

I just wanted to take the time to blog to let everyone know what was going on and to say that I blogged from the plane. This is a once and lifetime experience!

I asked this question on Facebook earlier but maybe you’ll have something to say here. Do calories count when you’re on vacation? Do you watch what you eat or do you totally indulge?