Thinking out loud about words and respect

It’s been a very serious week in our country so today I decided to go back to the Thinking Out Loud.  I want to preface this post with these words:  this is not a political post.  This is a post about respect.

Social media has given us all a voice and sometimes I think it’s a bad thing.  People express opinions that maybe don’t need to be expressed or just say the first thing that comes to their minds.  It’s unsettling because all of this is said behind a electronic screen and I don’t always think those words would be said in a face-to-face conversation.


I’ve watched friends and non-friends trade insults on Facebook and it had this pregnant lady crying.  It’s just not good.  Are we too worried about proving our point instead of listening to the words that are being spoken?

We must remember that life is about experiences.  My experiences in life are different from your experiences, therefore, we will never truly understand how each other feels or why we do certain things. It’s not necessary to understand other people’s choices but it is necessary to RESPECT those words.  We will not always agree and that is fine. That is what is supposed to make our country great that we can all have different experiences that melt together and there is still RESPECT!

Experiences shape our thoughts and views and those are going to be different for everyone.  We will never truly understand each other, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends or have a civil conversation. I feel like civility has gone out of the window.  Can we please bring it back?


Wait a minute, did she just say fat?

Wait a minute, did she just say fat?

Hi my name is Angela and I used to fat! I think I put people off by using the word “fat.”  It doesn’t bother me and it never really did unless my grandmother was calling me fat and I think that was because of the tone she used.  Sometimes I see people wince when I tell them the name of the blog or even when I talk in casual conversations and I use the word fat to describe myself.  People just aren’t comfortable with the word. Fat (adjective) : having a lot of extra flesh on your body : having…

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