This week’s sunday set up: spring rolls, roasted chickpeas and vinegar chicken

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s been a pretty uneventful weekend. We were supposed to go to Austin for the Fit Foodie thing but a lot of things got in the away so we had to cancel. That was a bummer because I wanted to meet Allison Sweeney. Instead, we continued on with our normal workouts.

The Gilly's go #running. 8 for him and 6 miles for me! Now it's time for some fun! #fitfluential #runhappy #sweatpink #brools
Willie is starting to get into marathon training so it’s kind of nice that we can run together. I was doing a recovery run of 6 miles and he did 8 miles. He was all smiles when he was done.

Grocery shopping is done! Now it's time to meal prep! #sundaysetup #fitfluential

It’s Sunday so you know what that means! SUNDAY SETUP! Since I was so thrown off last week, this morning I woke up early while everyone else was sleeping and did my meal plan and made the grocery list. It was fantastic! I felt very organized! Didn’t have my usual templates because I’m out of printer ink at home. Must get that fixed soon.

What’s on the menu this week?


I successfully made spring rolls filled with ground chicken and some veggies. I will post the recipe this week for you to enjoy. I made enough rolls to for four days. I made turkey burgers for Friday lunch and it probably a dinner or two this week.

Willie made vinegar chicken for dinner with roasted mushrooms and kale for dinner. Wondering why Willie only makes chicken? Because I don’t eat beef and I’m not a huge fan of pork. Plus, a whole chicken is $6 versus just buying the breasts for $10. Just take the skin off people.

I was less than thrilled with my snacks this past week so I wanted to make sure I was prepped. I roasted some chickpeas and portioned them out. I also made the chickpea salad from the beginning of summer.  It’s a great protein punch which you need in a snack.  Remember a snack is not a FULL meal. I will have some hummus and veggies for snacks. I also made some protein balls with almonds for pre workout snacks!

And of course there are the usual suspects: egg white muffins and overnight oats for breakfast. I also just baked some sweet potatoes because they are always great for a side dish. That’s the one thing we will have every week!

What are you having this week?  Did you meal prep?