Setting up the Sunday

Good evening everyone! I’m trying to set up the week today. We went to the grocery store this morning and had a pretty lazy day. Then I thought it was time to make the lunches for the week.


Nothing fancy happening here this week. Good ole turkey burgers, spaghetti squash casserole and some smokey greens. I’m responsible for lunch, Willie is responsible for dinner and we both contribute to breakfast. That’s just what works for us.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I did. For everyone out there who thinks I don’t run unless it’s a race situation, you’re wrong. I was home this weekend so I went for a run.

Had fun running my 8.30 miles this morning. The run was cut short because I got hungry. I decided to throw in the towel for breakfast. I tested my new hydration pack, played at the park, ran by my mom's house and enjoyed the neighborhoods. I just like to

I had to cut it short because I was hungry for breakfast. I didn’t really fuel up correctly pre-run to take it much longer than 10 miles. I stopped close to 8.5 miles because I was back at my car. It was fun though. I tried out my new hydration pack, played at the park, stopped by my mom’s house and enjoyed the neighborhoods. Best trip I’ve taken this month. I’m trying to run when the sun is out and smacking me in the face so I can make it through my big summer plans.

I found a Groupon for Garbanzo’s yesterday. I didn’t know there was one in Houston which made me happy. I discovered the place last year in Denver. That’s our type of place to eat. Now I’m completely obsessed with finding Groupons.

Treating @fueledxrunning to his first #mlb game. #Astros are going to light up the Mariners tonight. #happywife #funtimes #baseball #mlbastros

Last night, I took Willie to his first MLB game. Willie hit the baseball game jackpot because it was really exciting. He might have the wrong idea about how baseball games usually go. The Astros completely decimated the Mariners last night. I think there were 6 home runs in the game. It was pretty amazing.

Good times at the Astros game. The Astros are lighting the Mariners up! #baseball #mlb #Astros

The sun was in our face for the first hour but when it started to set, it was pretty amazing. And we actually found someone at the ballpark that knew how to take a picture. We got a pretty amazing picture.

Are you setting up your week? What did you do this weekend?

Notes on the weekend

Notes on the weekend

This weekend was pretty chill for me because I didn’t feel like doing anything. Maybe because I’m going to be going out of town on Wednesday and I just wanted to spent some chill time with the hubs and pups. Plus, my body was begging me to stop. I had been working out for two weeks straight without a rest day so I really needed to take the break. It was a steady push to Sunday for me! Friday: I decided to work from home on Friday which was the best thing ever! This was the first week the training…

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Notes on the weekend: Running, weights, new people …

Notes on the weekend: Running, weights, new people and family

The weekend has come to a close and I’m glad to report that this week was a good one.  Last weekend I was so down in the dumps and miserable, but things were totally different this week.  On Saturday morning, I got up made breakfast and was ready to run with Willie. I did a short 4 mile run and then headed off to do my weight training at the gym. This is probably a big reason why I was having a good weekend. I made it to weight training throughout the week and I was really proud of myself.…

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