How to get back into a routine

Hey all!  Happy Global Running Day!  Maybe I should spend the day talking about running, but I’m going to talk about getting back in a routine after having a little “break.”  I spent the last week being sick, which gave me a lot of time to think things out.  I’ve also been wasting a lot of time watching YouTube videos instead of putting my plans into action.  I might be lacking a bit of focus in life.  I may just need a kick in the butt to get myself back into a functioning member of society. After the marathon, I… View Post

Episode #3: Are you showing up for yourself?

We Beat Fat Episode #3: Are you showing up for yourself? From the kitchen table: How’s your week been going?  Anything interesting you would like to share? What’s on the blog? Podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The podcast is new so we are taking suggestions on topics to cover.   Contact us: or on social media Angela: blog:,  instagram – @momworksitout, twitter – @momworksitout, fb – Willie: Instagram – @williegillis   Topic of the week:  Are you showing up for yourself? Life does get busy and there are times when things just get… View Post

Don’t get lost in the shuffle.

There is one person that always gets lost in the shuffle of life and that person is you.  We spend so much time worrying and taking care of others that the most neglected person in our lives turns out to be ourselves.  It’s perfectly OK to care about others and it’s human nature to want to help people.  In most situations, it’s mandatory for us to take care of other people from our spouses to kids. But don’t forget about yourself.  You’re an important part of your life because without…your life wouldn’t be life.  I know it sounds simple and… View Post