Don’t let a one-upper steal your shine

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone is starting off their week off right.  Monday is a time to start anew and set new goals.  This is your moment, don’t waste it. Today I wanted to talk to you about the one-upper.  I don’t know how to exactly phrase this to you so I’m hoping you will understand. Don’t let these people get you down. Beware of the one-uppers in your life.  The people who are always trying to get the last word.  The people who are always trying to do you one better.  Sometimes it seems like those people are just… View Post

How your love language fits into your life

Do you know your love language? It’s an important thing to know. Taking this simple quiz will tell you a lot about yourself which in turn will show you have you navigate life. My primary love language is quality time. This explains a lot about me. I carry around a lot of guilt because I keep a busy schedule. I’m just one of those people who just like to stay busy and all of you know I like to get out and explore different places. That makes quality time being my primary love language a little ironic…at least to me.… View Post

That proud feeling

People often ask me why I run.  I run because I love it.  People never ask me why I run so many races but I know they always wonder.  I run the races because it’s about pushing past boundaries for me. Every time I line up at the start and cross the finish line I know I’ve accomplished something.  Those are the moments I use to motivate myself to keep moving past those boundaries and push toward new goals! I’m using my running a race as a way to explain the thoughts in my head today, not because I think… View Post

Stopping the bad talk

This weekend was a supposed to be a time for rest.  It was supposed to be a time to relax so we went to visit a cute little girl and her family.  There was lots of princess talk and it was fun.  The infamous godchild is a big of ball of cuteness and fun. I also had my first visit to Charming Charlie.  It is like a SPARKLY RAINBOW EXPLODED in the store.  My mind was on overdrive the entire time I was in there.  I couldn’t focus on just one thing.  It was hard for me to found something… View Post