I’m battling an injury

I’ve had a nagging injury that I kept running on for about a month. I’m pretty sure it started off as a sprained ankle and then turned into something else. Resting wasn’t something I was interested in doing. I was able to finish the races I wanted to do so I said I would rest.

I finished my first marathon of 2016. My calf started really hurting at miles 23 so I just walked the last 3 miles. It was fun and it was cold but it was the best way to start the new year. It's time to start making plans and putting it into action. What'

On New Year’s Day, I ran a marathon. Things were going well until my ankle brace really compressed the tendon on the top of my foot. The last 3 miles I was forced to walk because that tendon was so swollen which caused some other problems.

Icing my foot! Stupid tendonitis. #runnerprobs #runchat

Things have been better since then. I iced it. I compressed it. I’ve rolled and been doing some stretching. Everyday things seem to be on the up and up. I think I might put the tens unit on it too.

I hate not running but it’s almost Louisiana Marathon time. It’s my favorite race of the year so I said I wouldn’t run until then if that is what I needed. The marathon is next weekend and I haven’t run since Friday.

No running today because my foot still hurts a bit but feels way better today than the past two days. We walked like 10 miles yesterday around the city. It was great! Don't forget to watch us on the @todayshow this morning. We will talk about #weightloss

I’ve walked.

New York/ @todayshow yesterday and back at our home gym this morning.teaching my class. @fueledxrunning is down 2 lbs too. It's important to keep these #fitness appointments with yourself. That's a great habit to form! #newyear #goals #webeatfat #weightlo

I’ve done a lot of spinning but no running.

I'm on a break from #running because 1. I have a muscle strain in my foot that is (thankfully) healing and 2. I might need a little break if I want to run well @thelamarathon. So I did some #piyo and man did it make me sweat. I wanted to do different work
And yesterday I tried some PiYo but it’s killing me not to run.  The good thing about this nagging thing is I’m trying new things.  It’s kind of a blessing in a disguise.

I won’t run until I have 2-3 days pain free. I keep hoping for a pain free day and I thought I almost had it yesterday but I fell a little short. I thought I would have it today, but every once and while I feel a twinge so today doesn’t count.

I’m telling you this wonderful story of is rest and recovery is important. And if you’re new to exercising, don’t do too much too soon. It’s the New Year and a lot of people are doing new things. Remember it’s about easing into new routines and giving your body time to adjust to new activities.  Please keep that in mind and don’t burn yourself out before you’ve truly made working out a habit.  Plus, easing in to will ensure that your remain strong and healthy enough to keep the habit going and there are no stalls along the way.

Have you started a new workout routine?  How many days are you working out?

Sleep debt: are you suffering?

Sleep debt: are you suffering?

Monday morning, the alarm went off and I hit the snooze button.  Sunday night, I stayed up a little later because I was working on some blog projects and it messed with my routine a bit.  Sunday work, turned into a Monday morning snooze that lasted long enough for me to miss my morning workout.  What’s up with that? Monday afternoon, I start going through my e-mail and find something interesting about sleep deprivation.  Keep in mind, I didn’t think I was sleep deprived because I go to sleep at old lady time.  I’m usually in bed by 9pm if…

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