Yes, I can hear you. My body is speaking to me.

UntitledI don’t think I’ve been taking care of my body lately, but it all stops today. Maybe I’ve been doing too much, but I really don’t think that is the case.  I do a lot all the time and I don’t see why it would come up and get me like this.  But I’ve suffered a hamstring something.  It’s not really keeping me down, it’s just bugging the heck of out me.  I know what it happened; I didn’t stretch very well.  I was keeping to a very strict stretching and foam rolling routine, but I got off of it for about a week and some change and this is what happens.  I’m icing and elevating. Je ne suis pas bon!  (I’ve been watching the Tour de France and brushing up on all 9 years of French I took in middle school – college.) Also, I haven’t been refueling my body right.

I’m in the very early stages of training for my marathon.  I picked the most basic and longest plan out there because it is super important to me that I arrive in Memphis feeling no pain in December.  You know the only thing that sucks about having this plan?  It started smack dab in the middle of summer in southeast Texas. Can we say holy humidity when we’re not saying hotter than Hades? The back end of 2013 is filled with lots of important events for me and I want to arrive at all of those events in tip top shape and the healthiest version of myself.

Why am I talking about this stuff?  Because I’ve successful maintained my weight for a year now.  Well I took it upon myself to gain some weight because I really didn’t like the way I looked at 132 lbs and I think your body has a natural way of balancing you out, if you take care of your body. But I stay within my healthy weight range and keep my BMI in check. That’s the important thing. But folks, it’s not easy getting out of weight loss mode and into maintain mode.  I’m super conscious about everything I put in my mouth.  I’m probably too conscious about it, especially with the amount of exercise I do.

There are times I just really have to step back and say I became overweight because I was not active and made bad food choices.  I have traveled many roads and crossed many mountains to get to where I am now.  I promise that I DON”T make bad food choices and I am very active.  It’s all a mind game I tell you.  That’s why sometimes it’s just hard and not fun.  But I am the person I am now because I wanted to become a healthier version of myself and I know I have truly succeeded because nine times out of 10 my heart is always choosing the healthier option.

Once again I feel like I’ve gone off topic. I talk about this because sometimes I don’t refuel my body the right way after working out in fear of busting my calories.  That is definitely the WRONG thing to do folks!  Refueling your body properly helps your body heal and become stronger for your next workout.  If I don’t take care of my body, my body won’t take care of me and I will be super wicked angry if I’m sidelined by an injury.  I’ve been saying it for the past two weeks, but I must train HARD and train SMART!

I’ve decided now I’m going to eat a little more and really focus on fueling and refueling my body for my workouts.  I post this stuff on the site not just for you guys, but as a reminder for myself.  If I can help just one person along the way not make a mistake I did, then it’s all worth it. Today I’m going to sit down with a big ole glass of chocolate milk believe me and I’m going to enjoy it.

How conscious are you of the food that you eat?  Do you keep a food journal? Do you ever think it gets in the way of life?