Go with your heart

Today has been a good day. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about today so I almost passed on writing a blog post today…until I had a moment when working out.

Happy Monday! Remember it's a new day to start fresh and to conquer your fears! #fitfluential #motivation #mondaymotivation

I went to a cycle class today…and I didn’t teach it. And you know what? It felt good. My hamstring is kind of bothering me and I thought it would be best to forgo today’s run. I did what I wanted to today and it just felt good.

I remember going to my first cycle class and I couldn’t turn the gears up because it was too hard. I could do jumps and I definitely couldn’t do a spring anywhere close to 110 rpms. Today I had a proud moment because this was a true reflection of how far I’ve come on my journey to fitness. I had a moment today in the middle of the cycle room where I was just grateful for everything. I was proud. I was happy.

Just remember to follow your heart because it will make all the difference.

What is one thing about yourself that makes you proud?

Race Recap: The Louisiana Marathon

Race Recap: The Louisiana Marathon

I love this race because it’s a pretty course, the people are friendly and it’s just an all around good time.  I am so happy to share this race recap with you because this was a very positive experience for me. The morning started off well. I had gotten a good night’s sleep and I woke up in a very positive attitude. After battling some bad mental running issues since Memphis, waking up and feeling this good and excited meant I was already a winner! We arrived at the race and did all the necessary things but we lined up…

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