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Grocery shopping sometimes is a pain, but it’s really something I have learned to enjoy. I thought I would share some of my tips with you on grocery shopping so maybe your shopping experience can be fun too! Last night I was talking with a friend about going to the grocery store and she said some things to me about grocery shopping, like keeping a small basket because she didn’t have a list, that made me want to write this post!

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1. Make a list. When I don’t have a list I end up wasting time at the store and I experience check out lane horror because I’ve spent way more than what I should have. We’ve all had the experience of going in the store for toilet paper but then exiting with a crockpot, hand towels, oranges and beans…but no toilet paper. It happens, but making a list should help you avoid situations like this. We pretty much buy the same things every week so I do have a list I keep on the computer that I really just print out and add to it every week. Here is a helpful little template for you to make your own grocery list.

The point of making a list is to stick to the list as much as possible. Yes, new products are introduced and you may find new things you want and that’s ok. But don’t totally ignore your list because it keeps you on task and on budget.

*Also, keep a list on the fridge throughout the week. When you run out of something write it down so when you’re making your full grocery list you already have an idea of things you need without having to search for them.

2. Make a meal plan. I make SEVERAL trips to the grocery store every week for produce because I just don’t want it to go bad. Some people make multiple trips to the grocery store because they didn’t prepare their list completely. Why not start off the week by making a meal plan? Making a meal plan makes the list creation a lot easier because you’ve already planned out what you’ll be eating for the week. When you plan out your meal, you then know what you need to make that meal so you can put it on the list. Here is a template for making a meal plan!

3. Never go to the grocery store hungry. Drink some water and eat a snack before embarking on this journey. If you go in the store hungry/starving, you’re probably going to end up buying a cart full of unhealthy snacks instead of useful healthy items.

4. Stay away from the inner aisles of the store. The inner aisles hold the processed goods. The more of these you buy the less clean you are going to eat.

5. Stock up when things are on sale. When I see things we eat regularly are on sale, I buy them up. Shelf stable almond milk has been on sale so I bought some and put it in the pantry. I also do this with my favorite salsa because it’s kind of on the expensive side. I am the person who will not buy something because it’s not at the right price, even if it’s my favorite thing in the world. When I see something I sale, I stock up!

6. Buy the new produce. I know when each store I frequent puts out the new fresh produce and that’s when I usually head to the store. This is also good to know because you know when not to buy the produce too. What’s the point on spending money on something if you know it’s going to go bad the next day? I want my produce to last as long as possible.

7. I shop in multiple places because some stores have better deals on certain things we eat. There’s nothing wrong with that, just make sure you make different lists for each store. Plus, this is your time to keep track of how much items cost at each store. Price comparison will save you money if you pay attention.

These are just a few of my tips and there are plenty more. Do you have any grocery shopping tips? Do you shop at multiple stores?

Giveaway: Rubbermaid Produce Savers

Giveaway: Rubbermaid Produce Savers

I love my produce!  When we go grocery shopping every week the basket is filled with nothing but produce.  There are lots of great benefits of eating produce like eating real food, a healthier body and just being able to cook among many other things.  The bad thing about buying fresh produce is it will go bad and quickly if it’s not stored properly. I was constantly going to the store to get more produce mid week which can really be expensive.  It’s funny because people always tell us to eat healthy but healthy eating is very expensive.  Let’s stop…

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