Weekly workout breakdown: working with a running coach, Statesman Cap10K virtual, and cross training

It’s time to recap my workouts for April 5-11, 2021, which included to Statesman Cap10K virtual run. I recap my workouts (almost) every week on the blog to let you know what I’m doing and hopefully motivate others to do the same. This week was the first week of working with my running coach. The activities were a bit different for me as far as the duration of the workouts. It seemed a bit light on minutes for me. My goal is workout 45 – 50 minutes per day. Having this lightened running schedule for the foreseeable future might add some time for strength training and riding my bike a bit more. Since I started putting more running into my weekly workouts, I have pushed strength training and cycling off the side.

Also, I feel like I am transitioning from speedwalking into running. This week it became more comfortable for me to run than to walk faster. I have consistently worked on building my mileage and walking over the past few months. That work may be paying off into getting me back into running more and walking less.  

My workouts for the week:

Monday: Easy run/walk for 30 minutes. 30 min WHM: Pop Run

Tuesday: 45-minute Peleton Bike full-body boot camp

Wednesday: 35 min walk/run with pickups (30 min pop run)

Thursday: REST

Friday: 10 min warm-up walk + 20-minute disco walk

Saturday: REST

Sunday: Statesman Cap10K virtual run (45 min Powerwalk + 45 min EDM Run)

Thoughts on my training:


As mentioned before, my training volume took a dip this week. I’m going to trust the process of working with my coach and go with it. A low running volume doesn’t mean I can’t do other things to fill in those spaces, focusing on core work and mobility.

During the week, things were busy, and I worked out later in the evening, which messed with my sleep schedule. I can’t work out too close to bedtime because I WILL NOT sleep. Working out gives me more energy. I do miss being able to work out in the morning. My runs seemed easier this week. There was nothing strenuous happening. My coach programs my runs, but I still used the Peleton digital app during my workouts. I may have a problem because Peleton has challenges within the app, and I like to do the challenges. Since my coach is programming, I turn the app on for the music, chatter, and the get the miles in the app. It is a win/win situation!

My Peleton bike boot camp class I didn’t enjoy at all. The class was more upper body + core instead of being a “full” body class. It wasn’t what I expected, and the music didn’t hit right with me either. It wasn’t an enjoyable workout, but I guess we can’t win them all. I know to file that workout in the “never again” column. I am going to try another class this week.

Statesman Cap10K virtual run

I have a hard time working out on the weekends. Since having Tot, I would rather spend my time sleeping in and on a less rigorous schedule on the weekends. I had an unexpected wrench thrown into my plans by running the Statesmen Cap10K virtual race. I didn’t think we were supposed to run it until we received our packets in the mail, but I ran it anyway. That’s why I have no medal picture to show you. I have a bib number with no bib or medal. 🙁

I was prepared and woke up early to get it done. The goal was to finish in 1 hour and 30 minutes, and I fell a bit short with a finish time of 1:31:54. I’m not mad about it. I was making a video along the way, so I probably could have made up a minute a time by not messing with my camera. (P.S. – The video will be coming this week.)

I felt great at the end of the run, and I wasn’t in any hip pain. I don’t recall feeling any pain during the run at all. It was nice to get outside, and it was notably cooler yesterday morning. Virtual runs aren’t my thing, but this was great motivation to get into a training frame of mind. Running the Stateman Cap10K virtual was what I needed to kick my butt into gear. Although I didn’t meet my goal, I am glad for the training effort, the consistency, and the happiness that came with committing to something.

And that was the end of the week. I am proud of the work I did during this busy week for me. I am grateful to move my body and to perform at a higher level. That’s all she wrote for the week.

Check back next week for a weekly workout breakdown, and my video of my virtual run will hit YouTube this week. Make sure you subscribe if you want to see it.

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