Group fitness etiquette

I don’t really talk about a bunch on the blog, but I am a group fitness instructor.  I am a HUGE advocate for group fitness for many reasons. There has been a surge in group fitness over the years with Crossfit, barre, spin, yoga and many other choices. If you’ve never been to a group fitness class, here are some tips before you go.

  1. Show up to class on time. I know it’s hard sometimes and there are times when you’re just running late.  Just because you’re running late doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to get your workout on.  Access the time that you arrive at class to see if you should enter the room.  If the class is 45 minutes and you’re 5 minutes late, that might be ok for you enter.  But if the class is 45 minutes and you arrive 30 minutes late, maybe you should find some other way to get your workout in.
  2. If it’s your first time to class, show up early. Fitness instructors want to talk to you and help you get your equipment set up before the class begins.  Plan to be there 15 minutes before class starts to get set up properly and to feel a bit more comfortable.  Plus, if you’re early you can pick your spot in the class so you won’t end up in the middle front on your first day of class.
  3. Put the phone down. Life is busy.  Things happen.  Take a quick text is fine but if you’re going to have to be doing a serious conversation, take it outside.  I have had people straight up talk on the phone in class.  I couldn’t focus on anything because all I could hear was that person talking on the phone.  If it was distracting to me, how do you think the other class attendees felt?  That is the time when you need to decide if you’re going to work out or talk on the phone. And there’s no crime in stepping out of the class for a few minutes.
  4. Don’t hold a continuous conversation with your friends. This kind of goes with the phone business from above.  It’s great that you’re there working out with your friends but that’s not the time to socialize.  That’s the time to get your sweat on.  Group fitness classes usually have loud music playing so you’re going to talk louder and it becomes distracting.  Or the whole class doesn’t want to hear about the problems you’re having a work during a yoga class.  Just be considerate and hold the intense chatter before or after class.  I’m not saying you must remain silent during class because that would be boring and not fun.
  5. Put your equipment up at the end of class. If you used it during class, then you should put it up when you’re done.  Don’t leave it for someone else to put it up.  That’s not fair to anyone.  And if you borrowed a yoga mat or anything that sweated heavily on, wipe it down before returning it.
  6. Have fun. The purpose of going to group fitness class is to get your workout in with other people.  You’re all sweating together so don’t take yourself too seriously.  Go in with the mindset to work, but also with a positive fun attitude.  Smiles, talk to others, interact with the instructor doing the class.  It will make the time pass faster.

I know some of it is a little bit of common sense, but you’ll be amazed at what some people will do during class.  Just be mindful of others in the class who are trying to get their sweat on.  Have a good time and enjoy your group fitness experience.

What is your favorite group fitness class? Do you have any more things you want to add to this list?