What’s in my race pack?

I’m leaving for Denver soon for the Revel Rockies Inaugural Marathon and I’m so excited.  The only thing about traveling is you have to pack.  I really dislike packing because I’m an over packer.  I don’t want to forget anything! Plus when I’m going away for a race, I never know what I’m going to want to wear.  I have to bring options!  It’s always hard!

But first, did you see my ice bucket challenge from yesterday?

Now back to my trip!

As far as the food goes, I’m limited until I can get there.  I measured out my oatmeal for each day and I’ll have to make it when I get there.  My second stop, after the Celestial Seasonings Factory in Boulder, will be to the grocery store to load up on stuff I might need.  I’m not trying to break the bank on food when I’m there.  I’ll eat in as much as I possibly can.  I also have my handy assortment of bars so I’ll be ready for a quick snack attack.

So what did I pack for my race?

Lots of GU! I’m super excited for the new flavor: salted watermelon. Watermelon reminds me of summer and being lazy, so that will be a nice distraction as I’m running the 26.2! I also love salted caramel! It’s my jam!

You probably didn’t believe me about the GU but there it is in all it’s glory! But I’m also loaded up on Nuun, KT Tape, vaseline (VERY IMPORTANT because I don’t want chaffing to the be the word of the day), toilet paper (for the portlets because sometimes they just run out), my Thumps, compression socks, race belt, tough camera, running watch, runningluv and of course some gas relief medication.  I’m a runner with GI problems and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I’m leaving bright and early in the morning but I’ll be documenting my trip.  I’m excited to share it with all you readers. Don’t forget to check out my instagram, twitter and Facebook for updates! I have a lot of fun things planned so stay tuned!

Have you ever been to Denver? Would you like to visit Colorado?


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