Week in review #7 2020

Hello everyone. It’s another week in review, and boy, this week seemed to go by very slow. Last week was just Thanksgiving, and it feels like ages ago. This week started Vlogmas on Youtube. Do you follow me on Youtube? Vlogmas is where I upload daily vlogs (or not) every day until Christmas. I’ve been working hard on my videos every day, and it is a bit time-consuming. Vlogmas is a challenge this year because there are none of the regular holiday activities going on. Usually, I would run Rock n Roll San Antonio and a trail race, and there would be holiday programs and themed events and Tot’s birthday party. I’m not mad about it, because I would rather be safe than sorry.

Things are different, but I’m going to make it through Vlogmas.
So let’s get on with the post.

Quote of the week:

Week in review #7
I love my Peleton classes, and Alex Toussaint said this during class. It made me feel so good and thankful for waking up to get my workout done. This quote goes with anything in life, though. The hustle gets us closer to our goals/dreams. But it’s what we do when no one is watching that builds our character.

My meals this week:

Week in review #7
Eating this week has been on point. I used my Thanksgiving leftovers into chili. I ate Lean Cuisines for lunch and didn’t eat out until Friday, where I ate Chipotle. It was a great week for me, and I felt comfortable again. I lost did lose some weight, which always makes me happy. I’m going to work to stiffen up my diet over the next few months to get back in peak shape for running. I did end up eating grilled cheese and tomato soup with Tiny Tot. The cold weather always makes me want to eat something like that. I made my grilled cheese on Dave’s Killer Bread thin sliced bread.

I don’t ever talk about my “cheat” meals, which I should address. I allow myself to have two cheat meals a week, and I usually do it on the weekend. This weekend I had a chili turkey burger and cheese fries.

My workouts this week:

I didn’t feel well at the beginning of the week. I chose to listen to my body and adjusted my activities accordingly. Getting rest seemed to work well for me, and I could make five days of workouts.
Week in review #7

Monday: Rest day. My head hurt bad, and I needed to rest, so I did.
Tuesday: 5k walk + core workout. My head was still hurting, but I needed to get some movement. I went for a walk; my head still hurt when I pushed my pace, but I could make it through. I also set a goal to do more strength/core workouts to improve my running, and I popped in a core workout last minute.
Wednesday: 5 min warmup + 30 min Hip Hop Ride + 10 min cooldown. I couldn’t sleep, so I ended up waking up at 4:30 am to do a workout. It was a more challenging class than I expected. “Hustle in the dark to shine in the light.”
Thursday: 5 min warmup + 15 min Tabata ride + 20 min full-body strength. It rained, so I needed to do a workout inside. I chose a hard ride to do before a strength workout to change my mindset for this workout. Thursdays are hard for me to work out on for some reason, but I already took a rest day this week, so I had to work out.
Friday: 5K run + 1 mile cool down. This run was cold. I had to wear gloves, but it was nice to get outside. My average pace was 13:07 per mile.
Saturday: 5 min warmup + 30 min low impact ride + 10 min core. I intended to run, but it was 39 degrees. I have to ease myself into cold weather running. I chose an indoor workout to avoid the cold. It turned into a family event where I had to entertain the child while I got my sweat.

My outfits this week:

Week in review #7
I’m still making an effort on my outfits. I felt myself this week because it was colder, and I got to pull out some different clothes.

Everything else:

As I mentioned, Vlogmas takes up my extra time with the editing, so I don’t have much to report this week.
Week in review #7

I did manage to finish Virgin River season 2 on Netflix. I was excited for the show to return, and I burned through it very quickly. I was sad with how the season ended, and it didn’t seem like it was a season finale until the last 5 minutes.

I’ve been wracking my brain over Christmas presents this year. I love giving Christmas presents, but I do get some anxiety when it comes to buying stuff. I want people to like what I get them!

Also, Tot’s birthday is right before Christmas, and it’s hard to buy presents for both birthday and Christmas. I want to make her birthday special, especially this year since she won’t be having a party. It’s a bit controversial because I do know parents are throwing parties for their kids right now. I don’t feel comfortable having a party during a pandemic when we should be social distancing. When things are better, I will give her a party with all of her friends and family.

I tried the new Dunkin’ sugar plum macchiato. It’s a good drink, but it’s not my favorite. The app says it’s 280 calories for a medium, which is too much for my liking. It’s not a drink I would order regularly, but I wanted to be festive and order holiday drinks. I also tried the chai oat milk latte. I highly recommend that drink if you’re going dairy-free and enjoy a holiday feel.

Videos this week:

I post videos daily for Vlogmas. Subscribe to my channel and watch all the videos.

That’s all for this week. I hope you enjoyed the wrap-up. One of my goals is to post more on the blog throughout the week. I’ve been easing back into blogging with this week in review post. It may have been bad timing with Vlogmas, but I will work hard to incorporate other blog posts throughout the week.

How was your week? How are you treating yourself?

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