A few things I learned this week

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope it’s been a great week for everyone.  It’s been a good week for me!  I’m always behind when I can’t do my meal prep on Sundays.  It’s been a very telling week and I’ve learned a couple of things about myself. 1.  I started logging my food again this week.  We can be friends on MyFitnessPal if you e-mail me.  I thought my eating was a little bit out of control.  Willie would tell you that was all in my head.  I learned that he was right.  I’m a grazer.  I cook and I nibble… View Post

Why I stopped logging my food

About a month ago I decided to stop logging my food. This was a hard decision for me because I’ve logged my food every day since we started our weight loss journey. But that was the thing, I logged my food on my weight loss journey and that’s really not the journey I am on anymore. I can proudly say I’ve been maintaining my weight for a year and half. People said it couldn’t be done and there were a lot of haters out there, but I’m still beating the odds every day. That’s not to say I haven’t gained… View Post

Our weight loss tool: LoseIt!

Lose It! has been the main phone app we have used to lose weight. This app is not only a way for individuals to keep track of their diet and exercises routines but this is the app we used in our weight loss journey.  An August 2010 study by Kaiser Permanente shows people who logged their food in a food diary were more likely to lose weight AND keep it off! “This study shows that if people use quality weight management websites consistently, and if they stick with their program, they are more likely to keep their weight off,” said… View Post