The time I tried the falafel waffle

I tried to falafel waffle from the Cooking Channel commercial. Falafel is usually fried in ball form and oh so delicious. Willie and I love them but they are loaded with fat so I wanted to find a way for us to enjoy these things. I’ve seen the commercial a million times on Cooking Channel but I’ve never had enough time to attempt making it. Sunday, I had the time and this was the result. Where my falafel waffle went wrong? This probably would have worked out better with a food processor. All I have is a Ninja and it… View Post

Foodie Friday: My week wasn’t all about the bread

My week wasn’t filled with just bread but the bread was so good.  I spent half of Sunday evening staring at the oven while the bread Willie made me baked. The bread was so delicious and I must admit, last night I sat on the floor at 9:30 pm watching the oven AGAIN as Willie perfected his bread recipe. I wish I could have just eaten bread all week, but I couldn’t. I did enjoy it. It’s fun being a runner in training because I don’t feel bad about eating the bread. I need the carbs, right? I don’t know… View Post