I quit the Habenero Hundred 20k

Yesterday I posted about the Habenero Hundred 20k and how I quit the race.  Luckily, I was able to jump back in because I learned a lot from this experience.  All week, I talked about this race. Excitement was in the air.  I shed tears on Monday because when I went to sign up for the race the 20K was sold out and I had to “settle” for the 10k.  Ten minutes before the race started, I was able to upgrade my race to the 20K. Ironically, I quit the race at the 10K mark and I just walked away.… View Post

When going gets tough, don’t give in

Happy Motivation Monday!  I’m totally keeping this things going.  It’s always nice to read something motivational on a Monday morning. Last Thursday I shared with you that my marathon training has been less than ideal but I said I had been running consistently. Before I lost weight I had a problem.  I wouldn’t finish anything (except for college and graduate school),  I would start something and just forget about it.  I wouldn’t finish books.  I would start craft projects and just stop them (sometimes because things just got too hard).  I would say I’m going to do something and when… View Post

Race Recap: Brazos Bend 50K

Saturday, I ran the Brazos Bend 50K with a lot of my running group. We had a good group of people doing the 50 miler, 50K, 25K and 10K. This course is known for running with the alligators. We went on Friday evening to pick up my packet and hear the trail brief. But I missed the trail briefing because we got stuck in traffic. People had been out there and took tons of pictures of the gators roaming the course. My race started at 7am which was an hour after the 50 milers but I was there to see… View Post