My need for cookies the other day was strong.  I don’t know what it is about the holidays that makes me want to enjoy a good Christmas cookie.  Christmas cookies come in those different flavors that you don’t really experience year round.  I’m here to tell you I want to make those cookies but I didn’t.  I just made a good ole chocolate chip cookie and a sugar cookie. I blogged about how you shouldn’t suffer for holiday indulgence guilt so if you want to eat the cookie, eat the cookie. There are a few things I don’t keep in… View Post

Today I finished my 14th half marathon of they year.  No time to really talk about it that will come tomorrow.  But know it is done and enjoy the pictures. We got cool shirts but… Too bad it was too hot and I had to strip at mile 6. Glad I wore a tank top today! Cookies on the course but I didn’t eat them. I think I would be sick if I ate a cookie while running a half marathon. I just wanted to document the moment. Finished in 2:18 but it was kind of a rough run for… View Post