Mom works on re-introducing herself

I’m Angela and I’m working on re-introducing myself to you. I’m just a woman who lost 200 pounds (a combined total of 500 pounds with my husband) and fell in love with running who then fell into motherhood. I learned along the way that healthy living encompasses the mind, body, and soul. That’s where I am today. Trying to balance it all and encourage others to tackle the journey they think is impossible. Most importantly, I am a mom to a beautiful 2-year-old who is referred to as Tiny Tot on this blog.

Weight loss is the catalyst to it all, but that’s not the only thing about me. The journey of weight loss taught me so much about myself that I now apply to all areas of my life. Running is my jam, and I’m continually learning from that journey, too. I’ve run 40 marathons, 65 half marathons, and 4 ultra marathons.

Tiny Tot keeps me busy and on my toes. I find myself having real conversations with this child that I can only understand. I get what she says when everyone else thinks she’s talking to gibberish. In my free time, you’ll find me pushing her in the stroller because we love to be outside. Or you might discover crouched in the corner, trying to read my latest library lend in between dance party breaks.


So the next more important thing you should know about me, I LOVE Dunkin Donuts coffee.  I don’t know what it is, but the coffee speaks to me and I must drink it all.  I love going at happy hour to get half-price iced coffees, cold brews, or espresso drinks.  I really dislike Dunkin charges extra for almond milk.  I can’t help that I’m lactose intolerant.

I really use to love to craft, so maybe I should get back into that, but I will always have a love for photography. Things may have changed, but I still enjoy taking a good picture.

I love watching television, and Real Housewives of…anything will always get my attention. If I’m being candid, anything on Bravo will suck me into a tailspin and vlogs on YouTube, too. I love listening to music with the windows down, even though sometimes it too hot to do that in southeast Texas. I may Taylor Swift and India.Arie hard some days. My musical taste spans the gamut of choices.

I love everything colorful, especially my socks. I’m not a “dressed to the nines” woman. Most days you’ll find me in Vans and a graphic tee. I’ve never worn makeup a day in my life, but I’m completed obsessed with all things skincare.

I am a business owner. I work with my mom. I take Tiny Tot to work with me, even though that time will soon come to an end. It’s not always comfortable working with family, and some days it drives me nuts. There are times when I’m balancing Tiny Tot on my knee, answering the phone, and typing on the computer all at the same time. I want to show my child that hard work goes a long way and she needs to see what happens with strong black can build over the decades. I’m beyond thankful to have these moments, even in the chaos.

I am on the constant search for perfection, but I must remind myself that I’m not perfect even though I try so hard to be. I am my most prominent critic and my biggest cheerleader. There’s no doubt there are times I’m a legend in my own head, but that only pushes me to new levels in life. I am my own hype man that gets the crowd warmed up. That’s crucial to me because I may not end up doing half the things I’ve done without being my biggest supporter.

I am sensitive. I feel a lot of things. My heart is wide open, and I want to help others. If I don’t feel like I’m helping, sometimes I feel like I’m not doing something right. That doesn’t make me weak. I do feel like I fall behind or I’m not doing something right and I take it hard. that’s the time I have to give myself a pep talk. I am not perfect and I need to get myself space to just lean into life without searching for perfection.

My blog is a place for me to share my stories of motherhood, healthy living, running, and just motivation to tackle the hard things in life. I hope you’ve made it to this far in the post. This is just our jumping off point.

Mom works on re-introducing herself to the world. This is me. Thank you.

Do you mind sharing something about yourself in the comments?