Want to run the Chicago Marathon with me?

Have you ever wanted to run a marathon?  Here’s your chance.  I am looking for some motivated people to come run the Chicago Marathon with me in October.  Are you interested?


Last year I ran the Chicago Marathon with Team Healthy Kids and I’ll be doing it again this year with Willie.  I really want to put together a team to run for a great cause.  Childhood obesity is a great risk to our country and I want to do something about it.  This is my way of making difference.  Do you want to make a difference with me?

Willie and I are excited to announce we are leading a team as part of Team Healthy Kids to run the 2016 Chicago Marathon together and raise funds for Action for Healthy Kids. We’re recruiting up to 10 people who have also lost weight and are crazy enough to want to run a marathon, like us! If that describes you, fill out the form below. In addition to the amazing feeling you’ll get from running for a great cause, here’s what else you’ll receive:

1. A free guaranteed spot in the race

2. Perks from AFHK – gear, fundraising tips and coaching from Seth Kopf Running (learn more about the benefits of running the Chicago Marathon with Team Healthy Kids here)

3. A support network through our mini-team – Willie and I will provide training support and tips via email as well as a monthly web chat for the whole team

4. Promotion of our team via WeBeatFat.com and AFHK to help support your fundraising efforts

Team members must commit to the fundraising minimum of $1,000 and be willing to share their story with AFHK for potential publicity purposes and to conduct media interviews.

If you are ready to take your personal journey to the next level, then lace up with us and lets go! AFHK’s first deadline to fill spots in the Chicago Marathon is April 12, so please spread the word!

Donate to Team Healthy Kids and WIN $100 AMAZON …

Donate to Team Healthy Kids and WIN $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD!

Hey everyone! I don’t really want to ask this on my blog but I’m desperate. I need to raise $295 by tomorrow for Team Healthy Kids. I was always the bigger kid and spent pretty much my whole life as being obese. This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. Here’s why you should donate: I’m not asking you to break your bank account, but a $10 donation will go a long way in helping out a kid. Take a stand to fight off childhood obesity. $25 gives a child a healthy meal for a month…

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Fundraising for Team Healthy Kids (Action for Healthy …

Fundraising for Team Healthy Kids (Action for Healthy Kids)

Supporting Action for Healthy Kids is a priority for me because I spent a majority of my life being overweight from childhood into adulthood.  I don’t want that for the future of our country.  I always say that small steps lead to big strides and this is just one of those small steps.  This is our future.  There are many health issues that are associated with childhood obesity but there are ways to stop that.  Action for Healthy Kids EDUCATES our children on healthy options and the reasons for choosing those options over others…and when to make those other choices.…

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Let’s Move! Turns 4

Let’s Move! Turns 4

The First Lady’s big push to end childhood obesity, Let’s Move!, turned 4 yesterday! On Wednesday I had an opportunity to speak with Executive Director of Let’s Move!, Sam Kass, about the program and where they want the program to go in the future! The childhood obesity rate has decreased since the start of the program and this is something they want to keep going in the future.  It’s the gift that keeps giving! Childhood obesity is something that weighs heavily on my heart! I was always the “bigger” kid growing up and it was cool back then, but when…

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Childhood Obesity: Parents aren’t to blame

Childhood Obesity: Parents aren’t to blame

Willie and I spent the weekend with our god child.  It was a very fun experience and it taught me one thing:  I’m not ready to parent yet.  It’s always great to take care of someone else’s child and give them back!  We get the good times and they get to raise the child. On the way to our weekend adventure Willie and I talked about who is to blame for childhood obesity.  Growing up I was always the bigger kid in the class.  I was taller and rounder and I was just different.  As I grew older I became…

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