Good morning.  It’s early but I’m still excited from yesterday.  I ran the Ultracentric Gold Rush 6 HR Race.  The race is actually a 72/48/24/12/6 HR running event.  Yes, there are people who had been out there since Thursday morning.  I think that’s crazy.  The whole thing is set up where they serve you real food throughout the day to keep you fueled.  Ultrarunning is very different from road racing.  Let me back up, for people who don’t know what an ultra marathon is: it’s anything about 26.2 miles.  The atmosphere is more laid back.  It’s really all about having… View Post

It’s an exciting weekend and a much deserved break, I guess.  I’m heading to Dallas to run Rock n Roll Dallas with my buddies and to represent Team Chocolate Milk! Last year, Rock n Roll Dallas was my first Rock n Roll and probably the race that awakened the running beast in me!  Also, it kind of fueled my NEED to want to be on Team Refuel (aka TEAM CHOCOLATE MILK)!  I meet so many great people and the group was so welcoming, I knew I had to be on the team.  Plus, that was really the first time I’d… View Post

This race kind of came in under the radar due to Willie being sick!  To be honest, I felt really horrible for even still wanting to go after Willie had his surgery but he encouraged me to go.  I originally signed up for the race to do the half because I just ran a marathon, but I caved to running peer pressure and ran the marathon! Two marathons, two weeks means I can now be a marathon maniac. Please forgive me because this post might be long because I have a lot of things to share! First off, it was… View Post