Motivation Monday: Be the best for yourself

Hey all!  Today’s motivation Monday was sparked by a Facebook comment. I ran a race yesterday. I know you’re shocked, right?  I’ve been feeling way under the weather and I wasn’t expecting much.  The one thing I was counting on that it would be a horrible experience.  I was still sleeping 20 minutes before the start of the race. Something happened after the race that made me WANT to make this video. After I finished the race I posted this: I finished and I didn’t do horrible either. Ran the half in 2:18 and I was sick. Nice way to… View Post

Define your success

Winning isn’t everything and being the best isn’t all that.  Keep that in mind as you go through life.  It’s great to come in on top and it’s great to highly successful but that isn’t going to happen every time you do try something. It’s ok not to be the best at something.  It’s acceptable to try something and not get it the first time.  It’s not acceptable to give up after trying something that didn’t go the way you thought it would go the first time around. The thing to remember is there is more than one way to… View Post