Motivation to find what you want.

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Things are good in life which really had me thinking, what do I want out of life? I am a very goal oriented person so I function best when I am building or working toward something. That’s just my nature. But have you ever really stop to think, “what do I want out of life?”

The time to think about that thing is now. If you know what you want, then you’ll be more likely to go after it. There are people who talk about things they want out of life. There are people who constantly think about the things they want out of life. There are people who complain about their current situation in life. And then there are the people who work for what they want out of life.

Make it happen #quotes #success

What person are you? The key to success is to go after what you want.

Don’t just think about it. Don’t just dream about it. Go out and make it happen. Don’t waste time by waiting for something to happen to you because we can make things happen for ourselves through hard work and determination.

I always tell people to dream big to keep the possibilities fresh and open. But I know that I have to work hard to achieve my hopes and dreams because nothing will be given to me.

When I wanted to live a healthier life, I had to lose weight. I put in the time to make it happen. It wasn’t easy and it didn’t come quickly but I had to work for it. When I wanted to run a marathon, I put in the extra time and effort to make sure I was prepared for the race. I want to see this great country so I work hard and save my money to make sure that happens. I know these are simple examples but they all have one thing in common: I made this stuff happen for myself by taking control.

Turn your dreams into a reality!

Knowing what you want + hard work = getting what you want!

It will not always be easy and it may not happen quickly but if you tough it out it will payoff in the end.  Sometimes the result may not be what you set out to accomplish but it could lead to something better.  It could lead to something that you never ever thought you wanted.  When we started losing weight, I worked hard to be able to drop the pounds to be able to walk into a store and buy clothes off the rack.  That was something very important to me for some reason.  But that want transformed itself into so many other things like wanting to lose weight so I could ride on a plane comfortable, walk around a city without being tired and just being able to get out and do things.

When you hit the switch to get started, the possibilities are endless when going after you want.  Just don’t want for it to happen to you.  Find out what you want and go for it.  You won’t regret it.

Willie’s first long distance race: Austin 10/20

Willie’s first long distance race: Austin 10/20

I ran my first 10 mile race on April 14th! This was my first long distance run. Before this race I had only run 5K races with a finishing time around 36 or 37 minutes. A couple of days before the race, Angela bought me a new pair of running shoes, running socks, and calf compression sleeves. When I ran the previous 5Ks, I had been running in a pair of old Nike running shoes that really needed to be thrown in the trash. The new shoes were Brooks running shoes and when I first put them on I noticed…

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