Transform your thinking to be grateful

My blogging schedule has been interuptted by the Olympics. I love the Olympics so hard that I spend all my free time watching it.  Diving, archery, rowing, fencing, volleyball (surprisingly), gymnastics and weightlifting have been occupying my time.  I’m sorry for all the delays.  This post should have been up yesterday.  Now back to blogging. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes spend so much dwelling on the things I haven’t done or don’t have.  It can really set your mind back and it lessens the accomplishments that I have achieved.  I blogged about how pregnancy messed with weight… View Post

Celebrate everything

I’ve been working on things around the site. You may have noticed some changes. I’m going for a new look. There have been a couple of bugs but I think things are finally smoothing over. I am excited for a new start on an old thing. I want to talk about celebration. Everyone should stop right now and just stop to celebrate something about yourself. Big, little, tiny, miniscule…whatever it is, it’s worthy of celebration. I hear so many things in life. “Well I only ran 2 miles.” “I was only able to do the stairmaster for 12 minutes.” “I… View Post