Best of October 2021: what I ate, read, ran, and Formula 1

October is over. I can’t believe we are moving into the last two months of the year. I wanted to look back on the month to celebrate all the good land lows) of the month. Many things happen throughout the month that I may not talk about because there’s no space to talk about them. This blog post is the perfect place to include the big and little things happening in life.  

October has been busy for me. There were so many activities and things to participate in throughout the month; it was nice to get back to having fun and something to do.  


The best thing I ate: 

Turkey Asian Lettuce wraps

I was totally over the moon with Fed & Fit’s turkey Asian lettuce wraps. I made lettuce wraps three times in October, and simple to make and very filling for lunch or dinner.  I also want to mention I ate the best onions rings on Saturday night, and that’s not something I typically share. But I do preach balance, but I’m horrible about showing the other side. 

Running and fitness: 

In October, I ran the longest I have since March 2019. The last long run of the month was 9. 14 miles, and I’m proud to be rebuilding my running. I may run a lot slower, but I’m still determined to cross a half-marathon finish line. Also, I’ve been able to incorporate more running intervals into my run I walk intervals. My intervals haven’t extended, but I’ve been able to add more into the routine. Every bit helps.  

United States Grand Prix 2021 F1

The best of the month:

My favorite thing in October was being able to attend the United States Grand Prix Formula I race. I’m a Formula I mega tan, and it’s not something I talk about on my blog. But I love Formula 1 just as much as running. This was my first time seeing a race in person, and it was everything I thought it would be. I can’t wait until next year! 


October reads

The books I read: 

I read four books this month.  Reading this much in a month is a great accomplishment for me.  I read:  Get A life Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, Good Girl, Bad Blood, and the finale of the trilogy, As Good As Dead by Holly Jackson.

This is the most books I’ve read in a month, and I reached my Goodreads 2021 Reading challenge goal. I’ll put total reviews up on the blog on these books. (One review should have already been up, sorry 1) If you’re into romantic comedies, Get A trifle Chloe Brown is the book for you. It’s enemies to lovers and a bit spicy. And the Good Girl’s Guide to murder trilogy is a murder mystery and true crime story. I’m into mystery books, so I highly recommend the trilogy! 

Honorable mentions: 

• seeing my best friend again after a year. But we took no pictures together, so you’ll have to settle for pictures with my kid. 

• Taking Tot to the pumpkin patch and her enjoying every moment of it. 

• Tot’s love for Halloween. It’s not my favorite holiday, but I enjoy Halloween through her eyes. 

• The Breast cancer 5k Walk/run. My mom is a survivor, so this holds something special in my heart. She didn’t attend the walk with us this year, but it was still great to be out there with all the others. 

• I became a Salata ambassador. I’m proud to represent a salad place I love. And I’m excited to try different variations of salads. It’s time to mix it up. 

Running a race in 30 mph winds was intimidating, but I crossed the finish line and got my medal

• Dick’s sporting goods sent me some great running gear. I didn’t expect to get anything like what they sent: shoes, a hat, a hydration pack, and socks.