4 Ways To Incorporate Fitness Into Your Family’s Routine

Fitness is essential for every family member, regardless of age. It’s the key to helping the little ones develop strong bones and muscles and plays a crucial role in healthy aging in seniors. Incorporating fitness into your family’s routine effectively ensures that your family remains physically active and healthy. Thankfully, studies show that 89% of parents love being physically active with their kids. But physical activities alone are not enough to do the trick. The following tips can help you incorporate fitness into your family’s routine. 

4 Ways To Incorporate Fitness Into Your Family’s Routine

Establish fitness goals

Set fitness goals or objectives that the whole family can work towards daily, weekly, or monthly. For example, if one family member is addicted to sugary food, set goals to help them reduce their intake with time. The same principle can apply to family members who spend too much time on the couch. You can set goals to help them get specific minutes of physical activity daily. But it’s not all about setting goals; they must be realistic, attainable, measurable, and flexible. 

Don’t forget about the aged

If you have grandparents living with you, don’t leave them out. These are usually the most physically vulnerable members of the family, often plagued with various health conditions. You must find a way to help them maintain good fitness with the entire family. Of course, they cannot exercise as much as the rest of the family or follow the same dietary plans, as they may have particular health concerns. But you work with their doctor, nutritionist, dietician, or any other health professional to create tailor-made fitness routines for them, keeping their unique health challenges in mind. Seniors living in nursing homes may have a structured system regarding fitness and physical activities. Still, those aging in place or receiving senior care at home should be included when planning family fitness routines. 

Limit screen time

Limiting screen time at home will also determine how much time your little ones spend on the couch. Research shows that prolonged sitting contributes to various health issues, including obesity, increased cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure – and your kids are never too young to be at risk. Some studies even say that sitting over 3 hours daily can shave life expectancy by two years. This alarming finding is why you should not watch your kids spend countless hours behind video games or TV screens. Instead, challenge them to a football game in your yard or go for a bicycle ride together. 

Participate in family sports

Family sports are some of the best ways to incorporate fitness into the family while having fun. You can up the ante and make things more competitive by setting one team against another. The sporting options are only limited to how much space you have in your home or yard. You can play football, soccer, or basketball competitions or try wrestling matches or tug-of-war games, depending on your family preference. But you can also try different sporting activities. Set time aside every week (ideally on weekends) and get your family members into a competitive mood, participating in various sporting activities in your yard.