How to Be More Active as a Busy Mother

Being active is one of the best ways to lower cholesterol while reducing your risk of colon cancer. It’s never too late to make a positive change to your lifestyle, not to mention that you can easily see actual results in a very short time frame if you are committed. If you want to find out how you could be more active or if you want to make a positive change to your lifestyle, then this is the guide for you.

go for a walk

Walk More

Walking is one of the most convenient activities you can do when it comes to staying active. If you want to burn calories, you must pick up the pace. Use a pedometer if you want to keep track of how much you are walking. Ideally, you must build the steps you do daily until you reach 10,000. Walking briskly for a short duration and adding in hills and steep slopes will help you feel the burn even more. If you can’t walk where you live, then this is understandable. One thing you can do is try and find a local mall to walk around. You’d be surprised at how many steps you can take by simply walking, so make sure that you keep this in mind. If you don’t have time to go out, you can do many exercises at home. There are even walking videos you can play while walking on the spot, so make sure that you keep this in mind.

stand at work

Stand Up At Work

You probably spend nearly half your day at work, so this is an excellent place to make a change. If you want to benefit yourself, then one thing you can do is invest in a stand-up desk. Standing up puts more stress on the body when compared to sitting, so as a result of this, you can burn way more calories. If you stand for an entire day, then this will increase your leg strength. It will also go a long way for your endurance. If your place of work isn’t quite ready to adopt a standing environment, this is fine. Take the time to have a five-minute break now and again so you can wander around. Experts estimate that standing burns approximately 50% more calories when compared to sitting, so make sure that you consider this the next time you go to work.

fidget at work

Fidget while you Work

If a stand-up desk isn’t practical for you at work, then there are ways for you to move more. Try to see if you can take an exercise ball at the office. This is great if you work with a small company that likes to focus on well-being. You can even bring it up at your place of work to see if it is a change they’d like to implement across the board or at least provide a fitness room for team members to exercise. Sitting on an exercise ball helps you to stabilize your abs, and it also allows you to move a little more. You can also try to get up and walk down a few stairs while on your break. On the phone, don’t sit down. Stand up and pace around where you can. If you can do this, you will soon see a vast improvement.

Get a dog

Get a Dog

The arrival of a new pet, especially if it is a dog, can help you to boost your energy levels. Getting a dog is another reason to get out and be more active. Pets need a lot of activity, and they can keep you accountable. If you want an active dog that is affectionate and good for your family, a labrador is a good option. Check out Lucky Labs if you want to get one suited to your active lifestyle and family.

Clean Your Home

Cleaning your home regularly is another way to ensure you stay active during the week. Cleaning your home allows you to incorporate various muscle groups; the best thing about this is you probably won’t even realize it. Dragging around a heavy vacuum cleaner isn’t easy, and this is especially the case if you add stairs to the mix. 

cook your own meals

Cook at Home

Most people don’t think of cooking as an exercise; it is an excellent form of self-care. Preparing food at home burns a lot of calories, and it causes you to consume fewer calories when compared to eating out. When you cook at home, you can control exactly what goes into your food, which is excellent. If you can, do your shopping when you have more time. If you are short on time and live a hectic lifestyle, you may rush decisions, leading to you making some bad choices. This is the last thing you need, so avoid this where possible.


If you want to meet up with friends, trade your coffee shop meeting for one with more activity. It may be that you go dancing or sign up for a Zumba class. Either way, rather than a night of drinks, which can contain many empty calories, you will soon find that you can move around and benefit your healthy regime. You can burn many calories by doing this, and you will be surprised at how fun involving your friends can be. If you are the type of person who hates working out, then having a good support network is so important. If you don’t have a good support network, then this will make it harder for you to stick with your healthy regime, so make sure that you keep that in mind if you can.

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How does Ultima Beauty Collagen + Electrolytes fulfill hydration needs?

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Weekly wrap Up #2 2022: half marathon weekend and changing my diet

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