Week in review #2 2020

Hello, friends. This week turned out to be a good week. We came back from a very long road trip on Monday, so we spent that day driving through all the southern states. The week was a bit more hectic because the week started a day late for me, so laundry, grocery shopping, and catching up on things took the week’s forefront. I had the LONGEST to-do list on Tuesday, but I managed to get everything done.

But I did a post on the blog three times and got my videos up. I had big goals for this year, and we all know 2020 got drunk. Life through us all a big wrench, but some positive things came out of a horrible situation. The blog and my youtube were a big GOAL I set for the year, and I’m still going to accomplish those things, even if it takes me a bit longer than expected. Sometimes, you have to stay the course even though time has run out.

Blog this week:

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I ate leftover chili all week because there wasn’t much time to cook. It’s great when you can make those meals and pull them out of the freezer when you need them. Sorry, not photos. I kept forgetting to take a picture, and then I ate it all.  

The most noticeable change this week has been my sleep. If you’ve been watching my videos, I repeatedly talked about my lack of sleep and waking up in the middle of the night. Things have been on the mend for me, and my sleep has vastly improved. I didn’t have ANY incidents, which tells me I’m making some positive changes.

My workouts this week:

Let’s not bury the lead: I worked out five days this week. My goal for most weeks is 5-6 days. 
Week of workouts #2
My goal this week was to push my workouts harder. The week before last, I didn’t feel well and gave myself the grace to move my body instead of focusing on the training. Last week turned out to be a week where I just needed to get things together, and I didn’t have a great sleep some nights. This week, I focused on varying up my workouts and push myself during those workouts. The one thing that irked me this week was the connection between the Apple Watch and the Peleton app.  I had MANY problems this week which messed with my head.  I care about the numbers and my heart rate monitor would disconnect when my watch went back to the resting screen. It was annoying, but I survived.  First world problems.

Monday: REST

Tuesday:  10 min walk warm-up, 30 min walk + run, 10 min cool-down. I had not run in about a week. I’ve been walking, but not a lot of running. This workout was for me to push myself back into the “running” mindset.

Wednesday: 5 min warm-up ride, 30 min full-body strength, 15 min 2000s Hip Hop Ride, 5 min cool-down. I’m not too fond of strength workouts, but I need to do better about having them in my rotation. It was a rainy day, so I couldn’t go out to run. I forced myself to do something different.

Thursday: 30 min glutes and leg strength, 1.25-mile run. For some reason, I wanted to do a strength workout. Maybe it was watching the Crossfit games last weekend, or I know I need to build up strength. I paid for this workout by not being able to walk the next two days. DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) got me, but I didn’t want that to stop me.

Friday: 45 min run. On Fridays, I like to run because it’s a more relaxed day for me. This day was WINDY and COOL AF. I couldn’t feel my hands by the end. It was nice to get outside and do some running despite the wind knocking me over.

Saturday: 5 min warm-up ride, 30 minute Tabata ride, 10 min cool-down

Sunday: REST

I don’t have a Peleton bike, but I got a MOOFit cadence senor for my Keiser back to interact with the Peleton app, and my Apple Watch works with the app. I am NUT for metrics, so I like having the added features. I’ll give a full review of my cadence senor when I have used it more.

Week in Review #2


  • Halloween was a bit different this year. I wasn’t sure about the trick-or-treating thing, but in the end, Tot decided she didn’t want to go. She likes wearing costumes. This year she got two outfits because I didn’t want her getting her white costume dirty at school.
  • The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix is a must-watch. Netflix has been killing it with quarantine content, and this is just another good show to add to the list.  
  • We went to Trader Joe’s while out of town. It’s not something I do on the regular, but it’s a nice treat. I picked up some sauces and snacks, including dried mango. I need more of that in my life.
  • The Califa Farms Pumpkin Spice almond milk creamer is changing my coffee world. It’s no secret about my coffee addiction. I’m not even a huge pumpkin spice fan, but this stuff is excellent. It’s $4.97 at HEB but worth it. That’s almost as much as I spend on one Americano at Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • I haven’t been making time for my devotionals and I need to do this.  I am  thinking about starting this devotional if anyone is interested in joining in with me.

Videos this week:

Tuesday is election day. If you haven’t voted, please vote. It’s a right that people have fought so hard for us to have if you like the country’s direction and vote to show support. Suppose you feel like there’s a need to change? Elections are a chance for you to have your voice heard by voting. No matter what you believe or don’t believe, voting is something we should all take pride in doing.

That was all for this week.  I hope you had a great last week and an amazing start to the new week.

What is something you want to share from your week in review?