#TourdeAngie has begun with my airport food hacks

I had big things planned for the blog this week but then life got really busy.  It was launch week at the gym which is always a great time.


But that also means things get really busy with teaching extra classes.  Then my full time job was hectic because I was trying to do 6 days worth of work in 4 days.  The blog and vlog kind of got no attention this week.  Luckily I have some down time in the airport right now between my flights. I first had to eat my salad in the bag.  Why in the bag you might ask?  Well you see, if you try to bring a bottle of salad dressing with you through security the security agents are going to check to see if it’s the good stuff and take it home throw it away.


But if you make salad in a bag and put the dressing in the bag with your salad and shake it up, you can go through security with it.  That’s my airport food hack for you today. I’m really not down for paying $20 for a salad and bottle water at the airport (I’m REALLY cheap) so the most food I can bring I’m going to do.  Here was my salad in a bag. I have to eat dinner at the airport later and I imagine that salad is going to be a wee bit soggy though, but I don’t care.


Oh and I forgot my snack that I had in my super grown up outfit.  Hey y’all!  I’m 34 years old and LOVE my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…shirt!  No shame!  So for snack, I just did a Flatout Bread turkey breast wrap because it was easy to transport, easy to eat and it’s not messy!  That’s all I can ask for in airport food.

So I’m headed to Chicago for the marathon but I won’t get there until late. Until then, I’m going to bum around a few airports. Currently, I’m in Dallas and in 3 hours I’ll be in Tulsa bumming it for the long haul. I can’t imagine the food options will be that great in Tulsa so I did bring dinner to eat too…and plenty of snacks. I DO PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH!

tourdeangie copy

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