Food memory lane needs to be replaced

This is not the Friday post I thought I would be posting, but Willie and I were chatting this morning. It started off a little like this, “I feel like I’ve been going down a food memory lane this week.” The truth is, I have ventured into these conversations that end up talking about food.

Wait!?! Am I’m missing the food of years past? I can safely say that is not the case. Don’t get me wrong, I do still have cravings for somethings but I would never cave to those cravings. It’s not worth it.

Best Friends

The picture above in from a birthday celebration in 2010. When I pulled it up on my flickr, a myriad of pictures of food popped up. The real problem, most of my memories from the years past involved food…and sometimes there was a lot of food. Then I started thinking, it must be hard to be a friend from the past and try to find a way to deal with me now.

That is not a negative comment.

The comment is only reflective of what was the forefront in my life. College memories are filled with things that revolved around food. The snacks, the falling down stairs trying to save my Sonic drink and the heart felt conversations that happened over late night Coop DeVille. Of course, there were some Backstreet Boys concerts thrown in the mix, but there are very few memories that won’t involve food.

I could go on and on with these memories. Was I eating my life away? Probably.

Food is major┬átheme in everyone’s life. Everything is celebrated with food. Right now, everything in life is not celebrated with food…or maybe just a different type of food. Why do you feel the need to be social with food? Is is the duration of the event? Do we spend more time talking and chatting because meals take a little bit more time?

birthday 5

I would really want things to be different. I would like to celebrate my birthday zip lining instead of have a huge meal. That is hard to say because Willie and I are foodies. We do appreciate a good meal and the art that goes behind creating that meal. But we have to break the pattern of using food as a reward or way to satiate our feelings.


But in the end, it’s all about treating yourself in MODERATION. That is the key along with self-control. Moderation and self-control were two things I had issues with in the past. Things are manageable now. Things are different. I’m making new memories now that all don’t involve food and that means I’ve come a long way.