Get a healthy dose of Vitamin D

It’s summer so let’s go out and enjoy some rays and soak up some Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is important for keeping strong and healthy bones and is vital for the body to absorb all that Vitamin C. As women, I’m really concerned about osteoporosis especially as I grow older and getting a healthy dose of vitamin D will hopefully keep that away.


It’s a rainy day here in southeast Texas so it’s only appropriate that I talk about Vitamin D.  It’s hard to get your vitamin D when the sun isn’t out.

This D vitamin helps our immune system fight off the bad viruses that may come our way and helps our muscles move because it aids in sending messages from the brain to our body parts! Adults need around 600ICU per day.

So how do you get your Vitamin D?


Vitamin D is considered the “Sunshine Vitamin” because the sunshine rays trigger our bodies production of this vitamin.  So if you’re taking a walk or run…or working out when the sun is shining you’re probably getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D.  But I must tell you, wearing sunblock blocks this vital vitamin from being absorbed into your body.  Our bodies do not naturally produce this key vitamin so we might need to look elsewhere to find great sources of vitamin D. Foods like fatty fishes (salmon and tuna), along with milk and eggs help provide us vitamin D when the sun isn’t really ready to shine.

Egglands best eggs #ebeggsfit

What is my favorite source of vitamin D besides a good run in the sun? It definitely is an Eggland’s Best egg. Eggland’s Best eggs have 4 times MORE vitamin D than ordinary eggs,  which is equal to 30% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin D. Eggland’s Best eggs are produced locally and delivered to your grocery store fresh.  At only 60 calories, this is a great way to get your vitamin D in your diet.

I’ve made a lot of things with eggs and featuring the eggs but for summer, nothing hits the spot like a zucchini fritter (made with an Eggland’s Best egg, of course). It’s a great way to get my dose of vitamin D in my diet. Don’t forget you can check out some really great recipes with eggs from the Eggland’s Best eggs cookbook.

So are you getting enough vitamin D in your diet?  What is your favorite egg dish?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Eggland’s Best.