I’ve always said the best way to achieve your goals is to write those goals down and revisit them from time to time.  This will be my place to share my goals with you and you will hopefully keep me accountable to some point.  Things in my life are different now and it’s weird how quickly things can change.  In the past, I would have been talking about collecting states on my marathon quest or that new distance I was hoping to tackle. I feel like I’m in a place of starting over and I don’t mind it at all.… View Post

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mail and messages about my food and my workout routine. This morning I thought I would talk about my workout routine and how it’s changed from the beginning our journey to now. I want to first note I am not a doctor or expert on the subject and if you are planning on taking up a exercise routine or diet you should consult a physician first. The first day we went to the gym, I hopped on the treadmill for thirty minutes and no incline. I just walked at a pace that was good… View Post

When I first started exercising I avoided strength training and just concentrated on cardio. I stayed away from strength training, like many others, because I thought strength training would make me bigger. Also, I shied away from it because I didn’t know where to begin and feared I would my hurt myself if I added it into my routine. For the first 13 months of my weight loss journey, I avoided weight training until I started researching what I needed for well-rounded workouts. I hired a trainer for a once a week session for four weeks and learned a lot… View Post

March was a great month for us. We met some great people and have had a chance to share our story with all you. We are blessed! Everyone has a story BUT not everyone gets the chance to share his or her story with the world. We don’t think we are special or did something that someone else hasn’t already accomplished but our situation is different because someone found this blog. One CNN article put us in the spotlight to inspire and motivate others to lose weight and move to a healthier lifestyle. With that being said, we wouldn’t be… View Post